August 7th-8th:Switzerland

27 Sep 2014

 After leaving France early on the 7th, we headed to the train station to catch the train to Zurich, Switzerland where we were stopping just over night before heading to Austria for a week. When we arrived in Switzerland, we got a taxi straight to our hotel where we checked in and went up to the room. When we arrived at the hotel, we realised that my had accidentally booked a very posh hotel and we felt slightly out of place. Because this wasn't a budget hotel and because it was only for one night, we decided we'd get a family room and it was a gorgeous room! The hotel we stayed in was the Glarishchhof (no I don't know how to say it) and I really wanted to mention and link the website in this post because of how nice and how friendly the staff were. 
Once we'd got in to our room, checked into the wifi and were amazed by the fact all in the mini fridge(including a Toblerone) was free, we headed out to explore Zurich in the time we had there. We headed straight to the lake which was such a fun place to shoot before walking further round and passing a very jolly man playing some form of maraca singing "Don't worry be happy!" over and over again. We then  headed back to where started and towards the main centre where streets were lined with restaurants that went off down alleys that opened up into almost little villages. After walking around quite a while being very indecisive about where we were going to eat, we ended up at an Italian where I had the most amazing spaghetti bolognese! After finishing off with some mango ice cream, we headed back down the river and headed back to the hotel slowly, enjoying the amazing views all around. 
Once we were back at the hotel, we took full advantage of the free mini fridge and fruit basket as well as mum and dad taking advantage of the free first drink in the bar before we headed to bed because we'd be up early to catch the train for the final destination which was Austria for a week!

If these posts are annoying you; they are nearly over! I think I'll be splitting Austria in to two and then that's all the accounts over but I do hope you're enjoying these posts.
Have you ever been to Switzerland?
Hope you're doing great,

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