Some Food Favourites.

15 Sep 2014

I've always been keen to get in the kitchen, cook, bake and come up with my own meal ideas but during term time, I'm always wanting quick food fixes and it's not a first priority to be experimenting in the kitchen. Over the summer, however, not only myself but the rest of the family have been stepping outside our food comfort zones and delving into new recipes. Because of this, some favourites have emerge and I thought I would share some of these with those of you who are big food lovers!

The Hair Dieters Recipe Book.
While I'm not very familiar with the Hairy Bikers and all I know is that they are cooks who have motor bikes. While that is as far as my knowledge goes, my mum and dad are both familiar with the Hairy Bikers and their recipes. When this book came in to my mum's sights online at a ridiculously cheap price, she had to get it and we haven't stopped taking out recipes since. The recipes are all simple and all so adaptable as we've found if we aren't keen on having pork, you can easily swap in chicken and you can take things out and add things in to make it your own. As well as being able to make it your own, some of the recipes don't need changing because they are delicious as they are. As a family, we loved the Moroccon chicken and couscous recipe along with the bacon hot pot. 
It is a recipe book full of dieting options but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy some of your favourite recipes as they off alternate recipes for many take away options which they refer to a "Fake aways". The book is packed with amazing recipes and I haven't come across a recipe book that has more than two or three recipes I enjoy apart from this one and I really recommend it!

Onken Strawberry Yoghurt.
Yes, this is just your bog-standard strawberry yoghurt and there isn't some special magic ingredient in it that makes it taste like chocolate but for some reason I prefer this strawberry yogurt a lot more than I have any other. I used to be fussy about yoghurts with bits in but after having this, I haven't complained since. The size of the pot also makes it great to add a spoonful or two to my granola or into my smoothie. One thing I've enjoyed doing is making small yogurt drops which is an easy snack by just making small button size blobs of yoghurt on a baking tray and then just freezing them!

Breville Blend Active.
Speaking of smoothies! I'd been lusting after the Nutri Bullet since I was really getting in to smoothie making and when I saw this blender that Breville had to offer I had to try it as a much cheaper alternative. My and my mum ordered from Teso Direct and with her years of saved club card points and numerous vouchers, instead of costing £29.99, it was just £4! Since getting this I haven't stopped with the smoothie making and after a long walk home from the train station after college, there's nothing nicer and more refreshing then a smoothie. You get two bottles and lids in the set which I think is an amazing offer. I'm so glad I bought this and I've been able to experiment with different recipes and if you want me to share some with you let me know!

Colman's Season & Shake Paprika Chicken.
These season and shake bags are great! They are hassle free and quick to prepare. I've tried a few but the paprika chicken is by far my favourite. Me and my sister would usually cook about three or four chicken breast for each bag. Having some for our tea and then putting the other leftovers in a container(so it doesn't dry out) and into the fridge to then either re warm for another tea or to have cold on a salad which is my favourite thing to do! I'm not sure these are extremely healthy but the chicken is always so delicious!

Sticking to the paprika theme; paprika is one of my favourites. I seem to have an urge to add it to everything! When we were out of the season and shake bags I tried to recreate my own on a griddle pan adding paprika to the top. I had it with brown rice and sugar snap peas and I added paprika to the peas as well as the chicken and it was amazing! Paprika on chicken, paprika on sugar snap peas, paprika on everything! I just love it!

I have so many more food favourites so if you'd like to read about some more, let me know and I'll get on it!
What are some of your food favourites?
Hope you're doing great, 

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