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18 Sep 2014

It has been ages since I've done a music related post; whether that's sharing a new playlist with you or otherwise it's been a while and so I've come up with a way of sharing with you a lot of different bands and artists in a way that isn't just listing off my favourites. I took inspiration of this idea from the lovely Alannah over at KissingWinter who gave book recommendations to TFIOS in a similar way so I thought I'd use that idea and I will, hopefully, frequently share some music recommendations in a way so that if you like Ed Sheeran you'll A B and maybe C if you get the gist and Ed Sheeran is the artist I've chosen for today's post. The singer/song writer who is known across the planet as the ginger haired English singer who has a serious talent of singing and playing the guitar. Everything about his music is amazing; from his lyrics to his voice- he's stolen the hearts of millions!
So, If you like Ed Sheeran's music, you may also like...

Saint Raymond.
Callum is his real name but is known in the musical world as Saint Raymond has been the key artist on my summer playlist. His upbeat songs are perfect for the summer months but who says you can't listen to them in winter? The arrangements are amazing and, just like Ed, is a keen guitar player. Funnily enough, after discovering my love for Saint Raymond, a few months later it was announced that he would be supporting Ed Sheeran on some of his tour dates.

Tracks to Try: Fall At Your Feet, Bonfire Hearts and the latest single I Want You.

Harry Seaton.
Ed started his career as a singer with just a small group of fans. It was when A Team was released, that his support blew up and grew in thousands by the day. A lot of people would of wished they'd discovered Ed earlier so I'm giving you the chance to discover the upcoming singer/song writer that is Harry. I discovered Harry's music a year or so ago through fFacebookand I haven't looked back. The covers he posts on YouTube are ridiculously good! He changes some of them so much, they are almost unrecognizable wants his put his Seaton Stamp all over it. He also has a real knack for original songs and has published some of these on his YouTube as well as iTunes. He is set to release an EP some time soon.
Tracks to Try: Cover of Shaggy It Wasn't Me, Summer Nights and newly published single The Storm.

Lewis Watson.
This is a quick one because all I seem to do is go on about Lewis; a singer who I've backed for years. He actually seems to have had some support from Ed Sheeran himself over the years with tweets back and forth between the pair. If what draws you to Ed is the lyrics, Lewis really is the guy for you! His Lyrics are unbelievable, telling endless stories through his songs and paired with his voice is heaven! With his debut Album being released earlier this year, I expect big things for Lewis' future!

Tracks to Try: Outgrow, Stones around the Sun and Sink Or Swim.

Shawn Mendes.
This is probably to one that most of you re already aware of as Shawn is grew in popularity on Vine and has recently released a four song EP. The way he sings reminds me so much of the was Ed does especially when the tempo increases and turns the singing in to almost a wrap. Shawn's music is perfect and I feel like a bit of failure when I realise he's 16, he same age as me, and he's already got to where he want. He is a really deserving singer singer-writer and has raw talent.
Tracks to try: The Weight, Show You and Life of The Party 

So that's it for this post; please let me know if you'd like to see more of these and if so, who would you like to see me give some related artists for!
Do you know any artists like Ed Sheeran? Or have you heard of any of the artists mentioned?
Hope you're doing great,

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