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29 Sep 2014

It's been a while! It was in summer that I posted my last favourites which is ridiculous but I have found it hard to choose my favourites because one minute I want to include everything I own and the next I can only think of one but I've finally managed to find somethings I've been loving a lot recently.

The first I would like to mention is something I think I speak about to much and that is the Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Paints. Today I'm mentioning, in particular, the colour Watermelon which is a deep turquoise. It was a colour a picked up when they first came out but it was the colour I forgot about and made its way to the back of my nail varnish collection but when I stumbled across it just a few weeks ago I was kicking myself for not using it earlier! It's such a gorgeous colour and one I'm going to be wearing non stop this Autumn!

A favourite of mine through out the summer and even into autumn now is the L'oreal Glam Bronze Bronzer. I've used this in a lot of posts already so I think you'd be able to get I've been liking it. It's great to give a over all bronze or a semi-contour and I've recently been using it everyday for college. I apply it with different brushes depending what mood I'm in but I have been loving using the Elf Stipple Brush for not only this bronzer but blushes as well and I've really been getting some good use out of this multi-tasking brush over the past few months.

Moving on to a skincare product which is the Avon Solutions Hydrating Cream. When this was on offer, I was going through a very dry period of time so I thought what had I got to lose so I picked it up and haven't stopped using it since. I will apply it before I go to bed at night on its own but use it as almost a serum in the morning before make up- by applying this to the more dry areas of my face before going over it with my usual Simple moisturiser for an even extra hydrating boost. This has been amazing and manages to create a nice smooth base for make up to go on so nothing clings to the dry patches.

I haven't mentioned a book in my favourites for a while because I'll just mention in a Recently Read before or after it goes up but I can't not mention the Maze Runner series that I finished a week or so ago and I really enjoyed the series on the whole. Of course I'll be mentioning this in my next Recently Read post but I was also wondering if you'd like to see a full post dedicated to the books so I can go into a lot more detail? Let me know! I still have the prequal to read so I will definitely be buying that soon as well!

Spotify is something I've used in the passed and have always known about but have never been an avid user until this month where I've been wanting to listen to full albums by artist while I'm working away and with just a small download it's on your computer and you can also get the app on your phone. On there, I've been listening to Will Darbyshires's September 2014 playlist and loving it and I actually have decided to start posting monthly playlists on there and I will try and link them to you every month. I will not stop using 8tracks because I love 8tracks but for monthly music favourites search my Spotify; Sarah Jones and I'll be sure to follow you back!

My last favourite is a repurchase of mine that I picked up on the way home from Austria and that is Ralph Lauren #3 Perfume. This used to be my signature scent but when I started to run low, I decided picking it up in the airport would be a good idea so I could start wearing it again every day. It always seems to become my autumn scent so I think I picked it up just in time!

So that's all for today's post! Let me know if you'd like to see a full post on the Maze Runner Series! 
What have you been loving recently?
Hope you're doing great,

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