Being Yourself.

8 Sep 2014

I've always been slightly different; just little things that have made me seem abnormal to my other friends. From primary school my friends would laugh about what they saw on Disney channel the night before while I would read or write or draw. While they didn’t say at the time, they knew I was different and it was something they didn't understand. Sometimes, I felt unintentionally left out as they spoke about their interests that they shared which I didn’t seem to share with them because I was different; I collected rubbers for God’s sake! 
Up into and through high school, my friendship group stayed the same even though it grew more obvious that our interests and personalities were very different. I would actually try and fit in and try and do things that they'd do just to feel included. I thought it was weird to be different- feeling like I had to leave a double life by speaking about boys and what new handbag they bought and then going home and reading till the early hours of the morning along with running a secret Tumblr blog. Don’t get me wrong, like any other girl, I love a gossip and to talk about boys but it wasn’t what I loved to talk about. I could have spoken for hours about the book I finished the night before and what music I love.
Half way through school, I gave up hiding and was myself because who cares if you’re different? It’s better than being a copy of every other person on this planet. I would start to read on the bus to and from school not giving two hoots about the girls laughing and looking down their noses on the other side of the bus. I wore Dr.Martens every day and I wore band t-shirts and flannel pull overs on own closed day showing I was proud of my music taste. It was at this point that I didn't actually realise I was changing and becoming different it was only when one of my closest friends told me when she stayed
“You have little quirks” she started, “Things me and the others notice that I don’t think you realise you do but you’re different to us; you can act how you want to and be different and it’s good. We like that your different, it makes things interesting”
It was at that point that while I realised, I was different to my friends, they were still my friends and they didn't care if I read my book in form sometimes or got really excited when I would tell them I was going to watch a band that they’d never heard of because they were glad I could be myself.
It was at that point I felt they accept my differences and we were still friends. Some people did leave; we were to different and had very little in common but sometimes it's good for people to leave so you can fill that space with someone more like you and some one who loves the things you do.While you lose some, you gain some and while I felt different, there was others who shared the same interests as me and it was great when I started to find people who were just like me and I didn't have to hide who I was anymore.
So what I’m trying to say is don’t be afraid to be different; different is good; different is the best. Being yourself is the best thing you can be because if something happens, you can think at least I was myself! If anyone questions why you’d do something because it may seem a little abnormal, they aren't someone you need in your life because being different and being able to be yourself is an amazing feeling and you shouldn't hide your differences.
Try not to care what others think and just be yourself!
Let me know if there's any topics similar to this that you'd like me to talk about!
Hope you're doing great,

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