Back To School/College Make Up

1 Sep 2014

It's the time that many dread; it's back to school time. For me, I start college tomorrow with an induction day where only first years are in the college; it's just a day where we sort out timetables and meet people and the hard work starts officially on Wednesday. I'm not as prepared as I feel I should be with only purchasing a few new notebooks and the books for my English Course. Now I'm in college, I think I'll be wearing make up as I hardly ever wore any in High School so I thought I'd share with you what I think I'll be wearing on my face during college and it might give you a few ideas.

I start with my L'oreal Blur Cream to act as a primer so my make up will hopefully act a little longer than usual.
I want something quick and fast because as I value every extra minute I can get in bed in the mornings. I would probably just grab for my Body Shop BB Cream which I think is a great option for those of you who are younger and maybe still in high school. I'm going in to college with not the best skin condition so I want something with a little more coverage but isn't full coverage and I can buff in quickly so I think I'll be opting for Rimmel Match Perfection in 010 Light Porcelain. This is a new purchase and was only £5 in Boots on offer and the shade is great for my pale skin! I still need concealer so it's my usual 17 Stay Time Concealer for under my eyes and on any blemishes. 
Let's get all the cream products out of the way first! I want a natural flush of colour; nothing to obvious because I'm not a massive blush fan so I think the NYC Stick Blush is great for college. I blend that in with a stippling brush before going in with my L'oreal Glam Bronze to bronze up my face in the usual areas. To set everything in place, I use my current favorite powder which is the NYC Smooth Skin Powder.
Eyebrows is the usual with a matte brown eye shadow for a natural look. I'm looking for a new eye brow kit or matte brown eye shadow so I'd love to know what you recommend! 
I don't think I have time for eye shadow so I just line my waterline with the Rimmel Kohl Liner in Nude.
Mascara is always personal preference I think and, for me, if I'm wearing make up all day, I can't deal with a heavy mascara that I am aware is there which is something I find with volumising mascaras so I decide to go for a subtle, lengthening mascara; Collection Longer Lash Mascara.
Lastly the lips; I don't want anything fussy and for most days a lip balm will do but on the odd occasion I fancy changing it up, I think I'll be reaching for my Revlon Lip Butter as I thin a lip gloss would be great for college but, if you know, you'd know I'm not a big fan of lip glosses so the lip butter is great for me and it moisturises, it's easy to apply and it gives my lips a similar look to that of a lip gloss just not the sticky texture I'm not a fan of.
Will you be wearing make up to college or school?
Hope you're doing great,

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