It's come to an end of another month and it's been a quick one but there has been some great posts gone up by other bloggers this month and I've been really enjoying blogging this past month also!

This Month: My blog has received the most page views it ever has this month and that makes me so happy because I'm really happy with what I've been blogging this month and I'm so glad you are enjoying it so thank you! I feel like my blog has been very busy this month and I've decided instead of explaining each posts I'm going to just direct you here to the start of the month of posts and so you can read through them all(I'm not forcing you, only when you really want to!). Also I did a blog post on Taylor's blog where I shared my "Drugstore In A Rush Look" if you haven't had enough of me and want some more of my beauty posts.

Post I loved: Katie's been firing out the blog posts this past month and I've enjoyed all of them in particular her post "How To Live Like A Badass" which was done in two parts and were both really good as well "The Importance Of Biance Piper" as after seeing and reading The Duff myself, I totally agree with what Katie was saying and the message the film brings with it. Katie is a blogger who heavily inspires my blog as well as encouraging me to write about what I want. I love a good story post and LJ's post "I Fell In Love With a Stranger" is no exception to that love. Stories like this just make a little fuzzy instead but also makes me think that we should all talk to strangers more often; they're great! If I want tips I always go to Helen and I've mentioned her posts once or twice before but "Tips & Tricks Internet and PR Lingo" is another helpful post for those stepping into the PR side of blogging and wanting to expand their knowledge. I am lucky enough to have quite good knowledge about photography from my dad and studying it at college but for those of you who want a good post about photography Lauren's "In-Depth Photography Tips For Your Blog" is one of the best photography posts I've read and so many bloggers have tackled this subject. It answers questions that many first time photographers have and the way she set the whole post out has made it super easy to read!

Next Month: Next month on the blog with be, really a carry on with this month however, in two weeks my exams start and so for the two weeks my exams are on I am planning on carrying on putting up posts but just once a week on either the Monday or Thursday. This is also a word of warning to say there may not be a post of all if the stress starts to take over me. Also, due to revision, I've stopped myself from reading books I want to  and focusing on reading the exam text for English if I do read and so a Recently Read may not be up for another month so I apologies in advance! If you have any topics you want me to cover on my blog feel free to leave a comment!

May Reads: As I've just said, Reading for pleasure is on the back burner for the next month but if I do get a sneaky read, I've finally picked up Gone Girl so I might give that a read as well as finishing off the few books I've started already.

Loved: Sherlock (I've finally watched them all!), Bones(It's finally back!) and Amber Run (They finally released an album!).

Lusting: Everything I can't buy because I have no money and am on a little spending ban.

As always, my monthly playlist has gone up at the same time as this so I hope you enjoy that aswell!
What have you been up to this month? Have you go exams as well?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x
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My April Spotify Playlist; it's just a short one this month but listen here.
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x
I started, this year, sharing with you my monthly playlists of specific songs I've been loving that month but I realised that while I share with you certain songs I love, I rarely share with you specific artists I love so today I thought I'd share with you just a few of the artists I've been loving recently.

A new discovery: Tom Rosenthal.
I've feature some of Tom's music in a few playlists this year but his seriously the anthem to my bus journeys. His voice is just addictive to listen to and his lyrics are just ingenious. If you watch the Wonderful Will Darbyshire's YouTube videos, you have most likely heard Tom's music as it's often featured in the background of his videos. Tom has released quite a lot of music and so he's not one you can get bored off because there's always song I've not yet listened to.

Another new discovery: Amber Run.
On Youtube, I subscribe to a few different live music sessions and they popped up a month a so ago with a cover of one of their songs "I Found" accompanied with a choir and I'm a sucker for a good acoustic, choir cover and the song just had me. They have a mix of slow songs and some slightly more up tempo tracks and I love them all

The summer singer: Saint Raymond.
Saint Raymond was played through out the summer months last year as well as while I was revising (trying to keep myself in a good mood to revise!) and I have a feeling it's going to be the smae this year round with new tracks of his being released as well a debut album. Saint Raymond's music is perfect for a sunny spring/summer day!

The upbeat: Years & Years.
I don't doubt you've already heard their tracks Desire and King as they are frequently played on the radio as well as my Ipod when I just want to have a secret dance around m room in the small amount of space I've got. I actually planned on getting tickets with some friends to go see them but they sold out so quickly I never go the chance. They are also releasing their debut album in the coming months and one I'll be transfixed to over the summer months. 

All Time Favourite: City & Colour
I can't get enough of Dallas Green and I've definitely mentioned this over the blogging years about my obsession with his music. He's released so many albums that are just perfect and I would say have a similar music approach to Tom Rosenthal with the in genius lyrics. City & Colour have a song for every feelings, season, month, etc. I just can't get enough! I curretly have 3 of his albums on physical CD and I plan on having them all but Spotify helps me and I think I have listened to everything he's released and I recommend you do too. I just love him.

So these are some of my favourite artists at the moment. I'm no music critic in the slightest but I thought you might like to know some of the music I've been listening to recently in a bit more detail.
I love recieving music recommendations as well as giving them so tell me some of your favourite artists! I love all music genres!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x
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"There’s something about being the last one up while the house is in darkness, apart from the small yellow flicker of my desk lamp, as I type random word documents of nonsense in the early hours of the morning that I love. There’s something about hearing nothing but the tap tap tapping of my keyboard keys and the hum of the laptop churning that some how makes me feel calm and somehow better about things.
Some late nights I stay up and spew sentences that have come to my head in my over thinking state that I just want to write and I carry on writing-going off on a tangent for, sometimes, an hour- filling page upon page with jumbled up thoughts that have filled my head but now filling my laptop’s memory. 
Other nights I sit and I know there’s things in there I want to write about but I can’t find the right way to form coherent sentences out of them so I sit there with the screen’s brightness shining on my face waiting for something to come to me so that I can type it out. Sometimes I’ll sit there and nothing will come and I’ll end up just shutting the laptop screen, tucking myself into bed and trying to sleep again.
But there’s something about the unprecedented words that come to mind late at night and the urgency I feel to get the thoughts inside of me out now before the morning that I feel are my best words because they are truthful and uncalculated.
This is exactly what I’m doing now and it’s not something I've shared with others before because who cares right? But I hope that one day these jumbled paragraphs can be the making of a project. Something that won’t be a stand alone computer file but a folder of chapters that I want to be heard and not something I just share with my hard drive."

The above is something I wrote late one night back in March I think- I posted it on Tumblr but I thought I would include it in this post also as it shares some thoughts and feelings that I wanted to share in this post and that is that I want to write. I want to write stories- short & long. Of all genres- anything that grabs my attention and that I want to write. I am writing up this post late on a Monday night, before the stress of exams really begins, with my notebook filled with many writing projects I've started but remain unfinished. I'm starting to write again and it's turning into something I'm a lot more proud of and would like to share. 
So,I'm writing this before my exams and I writing this now to say that, once there over, I plan on writing throughout the weeks I have before I go to China and my induction into the second college year. Then, once that's over, I plan on picking up a pen or opening up a word document and carrying on in attempt to actually finish a project that I have started and finished or am close to finishing. 

The thing is, I know that if I just start this writing journey on my own like I have in the past, it will end in disappointment and I'd love to know that maybe one of you are up for reading some of my work and giving harsh criticism if needs be. Or maybe you're a keen writer yourself and want to be like a writing buddy I guess- helping each other and motivating each other- a bit like a mini NanoWrimo but with no strict deadlines because deadlines aren't fun and I want it to be fun!
What I am planning on doing once my exams are over is setting up a WattPad account and posting the start of one or two stories, see what is liked and then carrying on from there, posting chapters throughout the summer. This maybe a big commitment for me as usually I do fail but I want to push myself to pursue something I love and writing this post will hopefully be a motivational reminder to myself do just start writing.

Are you a keen writer yourself? Do you have any stories online I can read? I love reading work written by people my age!
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x
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I get so distracted by new contemporary releases when I should also take even a little bit of time reading some books for the past that I would class a classics. Today I thought I would share with you some of the classics that I plan on reading in the hopefully not so different future. 

All J.D Salinger. I have read the Catcher In The Rye and I keep saying that I am going to re read t and I think I will be doing just that over the summer. From what I remember I loved it and Salinger's writing and so I want to experience some more of his great work and so I pan on reading everything he's written that is available. From what I know about the 3 books shown in the above photo, they include stories of the Glass family; mum, dad and seven children. I think I may find it hard to explain the ins and outs of this reoccurring family especially due to the fact I haven't read it so I'm going to direct you to this video of Charlotte's which gives a great explanation if you're interested in these 3 of J.D Slalinger's books.

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote. This is one classic I already own after buying it back in summer with his amazing book In Cold Blood which I needed for college and I thought I would pick this one of Capote's up as well. I also started reading it and it wasn't that bad however, from what I can remember it didn't have chapters which I always find a bit inconvenient and causing me to lose my place which is exactly what happened. I will be picking this up again sometime though. 

To Kill A Mocking-bird by Harper Lee. I know, don't kill me on this one; I'm appalled at myself for not reading this book as of yet. A lot of people my age read it at GCSE but I didn't have that choice. My mum has her copy from when she was younger still and she's told me I have to read it and that she's also extremely shocked that I've never read it before and so I will be reading this soon.

Lolita by Vladmir Nabakov. I don't know whether a classic but it's a penguin classic so I'm saying it counts. I don't actually know much about this book other than it's quite weird and disturbing and while that may make a lot of people take a step back from the book, it just draws me in, in intrigue. A quick synopsis; it's about Humbert who's fallen in love with Lolita who is his landlady's twelve year old daughter. In an attempt to get close to her, Humbert agrees to marry Lolita's mother. When Lolita starts receiving some attention, he takes on a "cross-country misadventure". Slightly weird but one I'd love to read. 

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I don't just own this book but also all Douglas Adam's books after they were on offer on the Book People back in September. I tried to read it but didn't get into it but I still want to try to read this book again along with the other books that remain untouched on my shelf.

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. Again, not sure whether it really is a classic but a very popular book that I am very close to buying. It's about the Lisbon sisters all of which end up committing suicide. It's told in the point of view of a group of boys who admired them for a distance before they died and still worshiped them after the death. There's so much in the book world been said about this book which usually means that I have to read it!

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Back when I ran a little book network on tumblr, the lovely Joy mentioned that this was her favourite book. When I read the synopsis I wasn't that interested but I've seen this around a lot over the years and that must mean it's good and worth a read. It's about a female named Esther Greenword who's talented and successful but she's about to have a breakdown. The synopsis on good reads is actually pretty vague but after reading it, I'm more and more intrgued. 

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This was my favourite film as a child. It's probably been around ten years since I last watched it though but now I really want to read the book about orphan Mary Lennox who moves to her uncle's estate. She discovers an arch to an overgrown garden which she begins to transform. While there in the manor, she discover a secret; her cousin Colin who lived high up in the house who has massive tantrums that no one know how to deal with. Mary's aim is to get Colin to see the garden. I mainly want to read this to connect back to my childhood and to read the beautiful story that it is. 

The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald. I really tried to like this book but I just didn't understand what was going on. My attempt was a few years ago and before the film came out. The film was definitely not a favourite but I was able to infer from it the actual plot of the book and so I hope that one day I will go back and give it another attempt.

The Day Of The Triffids by John Wyndham. This is at the top of my TBR right now. I love the film that use to always been on the TV and while slightly creepy one I loved and I really just want to read the book and I love the bright colours on the cover! This will be one of the next books I'll buy I think and I can't wait to read it!

This is quite a hefty list especially when I think that it's just the classics I'd like to read. What are some classics you want to read? Have you read any of the ones mentioned?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x
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It's been on my mind for a while that I've never full out introduced myself and I think after 2 years I think it's over due that I do this post. Of course you know my name and if you've read my about me, you'll know the basics as well as if you read my posts regularly I drop bits in here and there about myself but I still feel there's a lot I didn't mentioned and I feel some stuff is wrong to just drop in an be like "oh by the way I went to the moon once". It's obvious that hasn't and never will happen but there are things I just don't want to drop on you and you be like "who even is this person?" so I thought I would share with you a few bits about myself that I don't think I've mentioned on my blog before. 

Let's start with family. I have and live with with my mum, dad, sister and rabbit named Alex. My mum is a primary school teacher, my dad is some kind of chemical doctor and my sister has finished her degree in graphic design and is just looking for a job and has taken up the hobby of knitting and is currently knitting me a Monsters University jumper. I know Alex is a strange name for a rabbit but my sister named him after Alex the lion from Madagascar as he's a lion head rabbit. She bought him while she was in uni and we've adopted him. No, my parents don't know about my blog as far as I'm aware; my sister has become a little suspicious with me receiving books before they've been released but she doesn't really care.

As you can tell from my blog I love beauty, books, music and films but I also love sewing and I took textiles at GCSE and made a rucksack. I found a real passion for sewing and actually opened my own business back in year 10 where I started selling tie dye t-shirts and then when some other boy started selling them in my year I moved on to selling small owl cushions. I made quite a bit of money from it and I loved it. I've been planning a post on setting up a small business and what I learnt if you're interested. I'm also currently working on up a small new business and so I'll keep you posted on that! I'm also a big stationary fan and I love a new notebook or set of highlighters!

I also love writing and is the main reason I started blogging as I wanted to a place to just get my work out there no matter how bad. I've recently been trying to incorporate more writing posts into this blog but chickened out and just posted them on to my tumblr but I am thinking of posting the opening to the story I have written if you're interested. Let me know if you'd be interested in some more writing posts. I'd love to be a writer when I'm older but things always come back full circle and end up returning to wanting to be a therapist/councilor. Back last year I tried to start an advice series btut I never posted another as much as I'd love to(again let me know if you want to see more). I love listening to people no matter what they're really talking about and so that's why I'd love do that.

This leads me on to the fact that I feel I'm a very overambitious person. I have so may ideas for books, businesses, future job prospects that I want to fulfill in my life but getting it all into just one life will be difficult. I think being a high school English teacher who's also the school councilor that writes on the side and has an online book business who lives in Yorkshire(or Canada)- while is my dream in a nutshell- will be a very stressful life and unrealistic but I hope to manage to accomplish as much as I can in my life being, I feel, a very creative, passionate and entrepreneurial person.

I will also like to mention that in high school I was a fairly shy person who hated social situations and I went through a few bad patches through the five ears but over the past few years and going into college I've felt a lot more confident in myself and decided to focus a lot on my own well being which is a decision I've always been glad I've made and I have to thank blogging a little for making me realise that you have to put yourself first sometimes and it's also helped me become more confident in talking to people and being more honest.

I feel like I've graced you with enough about me for the time being but I would really love to know more about you so please tell me how old you are, where you're from, why you started blogging and what you have planned for the future. It doesn't matter how long the comment is; I love essay comments!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x
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Yes, I know, I promised at the start of the year that there would be more wrap ups of the books I've been reading and,again, I feel like I haven't read as much and as quickly as I would have hoped. I think I've come to the conclusion,finally, that I'm just a slow reader and also very critical and if I can't get into a book, I can't ever force myself. If I was making excuses I would say that I've not posted a recently read sooner due to the fact I want to get ahead of myself on this feature and have finished my next set of books before posting this but that's not going to happen and plus I like posting these posts and writing them. Stop the rambling Sarah! 

It Was Snowing Butterflies by Charles Darwin ★★✰✰✰
Getting my least favourite out of the way first; this is one of the Little Black Penguin Classics I picked up. This one I actually picked up for my sister but I wanted to read it before I gave it to here. This is a book about Charles Darwin's time exploring and discovering across different places on the voyage of is boat the Beagle. To start with, I really enjoyed this book but I soon had trouble knowing what some of the things he mentioned actually were. I love nature but I don't all the different cockroach types and so I struggled to understand a lot of what was being talked about. I remember reading it and feeling that the writing was quite boring and was just observations and then I had to remind myself that they were just observations; Charles Darwin was a scientist and not a writer and so he probably didn't care all too much about making his words sound intriguing. Overall, while the writing was a little flat, some parts I really enjoyed and I loved catching a glimpse of Darwin's explorations that let do his theory of natural selection. 

The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson ★★✰✰✰
This was a book I had been given as a Christmas present a few years ago and after reading the first page dismissed it fairly quickly and I'm kind of glad I did because it's definitely one to read around the age of 15/16. It's about two sisters Bailey and Lennie who live with their Gram after their mother left them. Lennie dies suddenly and Lennie is left but her mourning isn't what she'd expect as when she should be mourning she can't stop thinking about boys and wanting to kiss her sister's boyfriend. For me this book wasn't my favourite. I found the love story quite cheesy and over the top in some aspects. There were parts I did like though; since Bailey died, Lennie wrote poems on scraps of paper and coffee cups that once written she would just dump somewhere. In the book, they are intertwined at the start or end of chapters with a photo of them and saying where they were left and I actually really liked this aspect of the book. One thing I'm happy they didn't do *SPOILER*, they didn't bring Lennie's mum back; I think it would been all a little much and one thing I don't like is when writers gear you towards hating the parent that left their child and expect you to connect with them and forgive them along with the character and I never can and so I'm glad this aspect was left out. Finally, for the writing; at the beginning I found that the style was forced and unnatural with words placed in a order that I wasn't used to that I didn't see the point of doing. Through out the book this seemed to disintegrate- either I became used to the style or it just changed to something I was used to. I found the book fairly flat and my feelings are neutral as while I didn't hate the book, it's not one I would jump to recommend.

The Giver by Lois Lowry ★★★★✰
On to a more positive review! The Giver is a book I've been wanting the read after seeing the trailer on a trailer binge watch on Youtube (yes, I do do that). The story line seemed like my perfect story line and one I felt I'd have to read and then see the film. When it came to buying the book, I realised it was part of a Quartet and I didn't want to buy the first book, like it and then buy the set and have two copies of the first or buy the set and not actually like the books and so I decided I'd just make the small investment of buying the eBook. I've never read an eBook before so this was a first and I was actually a bit apprehensive but I actually really enjoyed being able to read it on my phone and so maybe I'll be using it more in the future. But on to the book! It's about a community that is controlled where you learn that they have no feelings see no colour, have no choices and a lot of things that we know are unknown to them. When each member of the community becomes Twelve, they are chosen a job and Jonas was given the job of "receiver". I won't say anymore as I don't want to give is away but I did enjoy this book. The idea for the story was everything I would dream in a story line and is why it appealed to me in the first place. I really did enjoy this book and I don't know what else to say other than that! However, I will say that this is classed as a child/young adult book which I think is very wrong and I don't think,in my opinion this is appropriate for children. I think that might have been chosen to do with the size of the book as it's only a short book. I will also say that I wish it was longer. The pacing of the book was great but I wanted more than 160 pages and I feel it could have been the length of Divergent easily! The ending wasn't what I was expecting as it didn't finis on on explanation but there is books to follow so we'll see as I'll definitely be picking them up at sometime!

The Disreputable History Of Frankie Landau-Banks by E.Lockhart 
It feels like ages since I read this book now but the story line and the whole book has really stuck with me. Centered around Frankie who attends the most privileged school in the country, she ends up preoccupied by the popular and gorgeous Matthew Livingston. As their relationship blossoms, Frankie feels Matthew is keeping secrets which she intends to find out. One thing I'll mention here is the publishers, Hot Key, who include something on they're books which I love- a small wheel/pie chart that tells you the main topics include and for this book it say Pranks, Infiltration, Secret Society and Boys; if that's not a good summary I don't know what it! When I first picked up this book I read the first few chapters and put it down but then when I picked it up again I sailed through it in a day which is rare for me! E.Lockhart's work has a way of doing that to me and I love it!After We Were Liars, I thought nothing new of hers could top that but this did! I have to mention the feminism included in this book; I didn't hate it and I understood it at some points but at other points I did get annoyed as I felt little things that Matthew did were over analysed by Frankie and her Feminist Views. That was the only bad point I have to say about this as over all I really did enjoy it! I can't wait for E.Lockhart's next book and I've spotted that she's released a co-written book which I'll have to pick up.This has to be my favourite book I've read so far this year. 

So that, I felt was a roller coaster of a Recently Read. Also do you like my new stars? I thought it would be a goo indicator of how I feel if you cant infer my opinions from my ramble! Also, let me know if you'd like to see any full reviews of book mentioned here or in other posts!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x
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In the past, when I've come to a bit of a junction with blogging where I don't which way is the right way to move forward in my blogging. Sometimes, one little thing about blogging can unmotivate me; usually this is the writing aspect of it but recently I've found it's the photos.
I've read every other blogger suggest when it comes to blog photography and I've looked at each bloggers photos to find some inspiration. I don't want to photos to be the same as everyone else so I'm trying to find new ways to take photos that I'm proud of that accompany the words I've written so I'm proud and happy with the post entirely. What I'm trying to say for this first point is that please bear with my on the photo front, I'm really trying to experiment with new ways that I feel look good and reflect what I want.

For my second point, you may have noticed already, I have a new layout! My old one kind of getting me down and while I loved it and working with Sinead to create it was great but I felt it didn't reflect, again, what I wanted it to and I think my new theme is a lot more what I'm wanting right now and, while there still somethings I need to adjust still, I really love it but, again, bear with the adjustments! Also, I look quite lonely due to the fact I've lost all my blogging comments; I've tried to do what I can but, sadly I think they're not coming back.

Next is my blog content. I've been slowly edging away from the beauty side of things because it's not really me. Like I've mentioned numerous times, I love make up and I still enjoy going out and buying and blogging about it but when I first started this blog, it was never my intention for that to be the main focus of my blog. Over the past few month my blog has been all over the place in all departments and that's why I've had a bit of a refresh with everything and that will include my content. I've been posting more book related posts and I've really been enjoying that. I enjoy just sharing my thoughts on certain topics as well as things I love and that's what I want to continue! Of course beauty will still play apart because it's something I enjoy but I want to make it clear that I'm not a beauty blog and so I don't want to get any hopes up that there will always be a beauty post every week. I just kind of want to blog what I blog.

Finally, exams. It seems like only yesterday I was finishing my GCSEs and starting my AS levels. The week I go back to college, my photography exam is that week and a few weeks after my exams start. I was going to just take a break this year from blogging over that period of time but I think I'm going to try and keep blog appearances up and just schedule well in advance. This is kind of pre warning that posts may be lacking in content over the next month or two and if I don't get a post up a few times, I apologies in advance now. 

I'd love to know what you think of the new layout and are you ok with changes? Do you have any suggestions for my blog of topics you'd like to see?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

It was on Monday that I read Sophie's post about this project and immediately feel in love with it. She's probably done a better job of explaining this project but I will try my best. The 100 Day Project is a pretty simple but great concept. Every day create or do something for 100 days that relates to the same topic. Examples are 100 days of drawing, writing etc; something that can benefit yourselves.

I remember reading in Sophie's post and I agree that this project has come just at the right time. I've been needing that kick up the back side to get myself motivated and inspired to do what I love and want to do and, for me, that's writing. So on the 6th of April when the 100 days started, I decided that I would do 100 days of writing. By the 7th I'd already decided to change it slightly as whenever something involves a long commitment I give up sooner or later and seeing as I struggle to write something new every month I've decided to do 100 days of post-it notes.
Every day for 100 days I will write on a post-it note something new or if I can't think of anything new to write, I'll draw a picture or write out a quote or song lyrics- I will do something on that post it note everyday. 

One of the main steps to the project is documenting it on instagram which I think is great idea and another reason I wanted to take part as, I know, my photography has been lagging on my blog and Instagram and I think this will help me get back into the swing of things. I posted my first post-it note on my main instagram @sarahhjones and, while I won't be posting the daily post-its, I will post a few on to my more personal and newly black and white instagram @sarahndsons (which seriously needs a new username). I am also planing on doing some round ups on my blog over the couple of months it's running. Hopefully the motivation I'm feeling right now to undertake this project will carry on through to July 14 when it finishes. 

You may be thinking "Sarah, why the hell are you telling us this when it's already started?" Well, that's because while it officially started on Monday, you can start whenever you want! Just go day by day and finish when you finish. I really urge those of you who have a real ambition and passion to take part in this project because I can see it being really helpful in getting me motivated and inspired.
All the information is on the official website and instructions so I'd definitely have a look even if you don't want to take part and are just a little intrigued!

Are you taking part or going to take part? Leave your Instagram usernames in the comments if you are and I'll check out your posts!
What are you going to do for 100 days?
Hope you're doing great,
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I'm a bibliophile. While words normally ending in those certain five letters don't always indicate the most pleasant of things, I love this word and the fact there is a word for being a lover of books and someone who finds great joy in having shelves stacked high with books. I love being a bibliophile and it's actually something I'm quite proud of being and so I thought I'd list some of the characteristics that I think indicate that you,yourself, is a bibliophile as well.

Not having enough room to store books in an aesthetically pleasing way: While I've managed to make a small section of my books look pretty, there are still parts of my room that include books and don't look as nice with them stacked on my bedside or in a crate under my bed. I will I could have my own library with one of those stair cases that glide across the book shelves (#bookgoals).

Having an ever growing TBR List: My To be Read list is scribbled down in numerous different places that when piled together will all in all cost more money then I have and so it kills me that I know I will never complete my TBR list but I still have hope that I will even though every time I read one book, 3 more are added to the list.

Wanting books but no money: This is the biggest bummer of them all. Books are so expensive! Even on 3 for 2 they are still expensive. I understand why the costs are the costs they are but,still, they hurt me and my bank balance so much.

Putting reading before revision: OK, I'm guilty. Even when I've been revising all I've been thinking about is the next time I'm going to sit down a read another book. Over this Easter holiday all I want to do is read but I know I've got to revise!

Rushing home to finish your book: This has happened more times than I would like to admit; walking at almost a slow jog sometimes because I can't wait to find out what happened. Even if I have the book with me, I like to finish a book in the comfort of my bed.

Taking a book everywhere with you: I always carry a book. It's a strange but nice comfort knowing that there is a story in bag to read whenever I'm bored or have the chance to get it out and read even only a page.

Losing sleep over a suspenseful book: Too often have I stayed up too late and regretted it in the morning but at the time feeling like I had to finish the book even though it was 2 o'clock in the morning and I had to be up at half 6.

Here are just a few of the problems I face being a huge lover of books. If you're a huge love of books yourself, I'd love to know what problems you face being a book lover yourself; I'm sure I'll be able to relate!
Hope you're doing great, 
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When you love an Author, all you do is soak up their books and wait in anticipation for their next book to be released. It's not with all authors but there's a select few that I look forward to new releases from and so I thought I'd share a few of those with you today. 

The hype around this women came last year with her debut book We Were Liars that had bloggers talking for months on end. Her style isn't comparable, I feel. It's unique to anything else I've read. Her story lines are so inventive and she has that rare skill of being able to make you sit there and read the whole book with in hours. I've just finished her second book The Disreputable History Of Frankie Landau-Banks and this was just as good as her first if not better in my opinion. I'll be putting p a full review in the coming weeks but for now know that I love her work and that I can't wait for the next book. I've seen she's written another book with a couple of other authors so I know I'm going to pick it up along with all the books she releases in the future.

John Corey Whaley.
I love this man but also hate him for the gap he left between Where Things Come Back and Noggin' and so I hope the wait for his next is much less agonizing. I talk time and time again about John bing one of my favourite authors as he always has unique YA story lines that seem like obvious ideas but obviously not as no one's ever done it before. John deserves so much recognition for what he does and that's why I've been planning a John Corey Whaley post for the past year but am yet to write because I want to do it justice so, for now, just know that whenever he releases his next book I will be first in line to pick it up.

John Green.
From one John to another this will come to now surprise. While, I admit it, I haven't read all his books and some were definitely better than others , as soon as he releases another book I'll be reading it. I have a feeling that he won't be releasing a new book for a while due to his many films being released based on his best books and so I completely understand that he has no time to fathom writing a new book but don't worry John; when you bless us with a new book, I'll be ready to buy it whenever it's released

Gayle Forman.
Again, I admit, I haven't read all of her books but I know I will. Her writing is so beautiful and seems to role of the page in its fluency and a style of writing that's a joy to read. Her stories are simple and effective and the kind I like to read every once in a while and when I want a book like that I head straight to Gayle's books and I look forward to releases from her in the future. 

There are more authors that I have the opinion that I will buy whatever they release but these are just a few and so if you'd like me to discuss some more than let me know!
Who are some of your favourite authors?
Hope you're doing great,
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