"Who Even Are You?"

16 Apr 2015

It's been on my mind for a while that I've never full out introduced myself and I think after 2 years I think it's over due that I do this post. Of course you know my name and if you've read my about me, you'll know the basics as well as if you read my posts regularly I drop bits in here and there about myself but I still feel there's a lot I didn't mentioned and I feel some stuff is wrong to just drop in an be like "oh by the way I went to the moon once". It's obvious that hasn't and never will happen but there are things I just don't want to drop on you and you be like "who even is this person?" so I thought I would share with you a few bits about myself that I don't think I've mentioned on my blog before. 

Let's start with family. I have and live with with my mum, dad, sister and rabbit named Alex. My mum is a primary school teacher, my dad is some kind of chemical doctor and my sister has finished her degree in graphic design and is just looking for a job and has taken up the hobby of knitting and is currently knitting me a Monsters University jumper. I know Alex is a strange name for a rabbit but my sister named him after Alex the lion from Madagascar as he's a lion head rabbit. She bought him while she was in uni and we've adopted him. No, my parents don't know about my blog as far as I'm aware; my sister has become a little suspicious with me receiving books before they've been released but she doesn't really care.

As you can tell from my blog I love beauty, books, music and films but I also love sewing and I took textiles at GCSE and made a rucksack. I found a real passion for sewing and actually opened my own business back in year 10 where I started selling tie dye t-shirts and then when some other boy started selling them in my year I moved on to selling small owl cushions. I made quite a bit of money from it and I loved it. I've been planning a post on setting up a small business and what I learnt if you're interested. I'm also currently working on up a small new business and so I'll keep you posted on that! I'm also a big stationary fan and I love a new notebook or set of highlighters!

I also love writing and is the main reason I started blogging as I wanted to a place to just get my work out there no matter how bad. I've recently been trying to incorporate more writing posts into this blog but chickened out and just posted them on to my tumblr but I am thinking of posting the opening to the story I have written if you're interested. Let me know if you'd be interested in some more writing posts. I'd love to be a writer when I'm older but things always come back full circle and end up returning to wanting to be a therapist/councilor. Back last year I tried to start an advice series btut I never posted another as much as I'd love to(again let me know if you want to see more). I love listening to people no matter what they're really talking about and so that's why I'd love do that.

This leads me on to the fact that I feel I'm a very overambitious person. I have so may ideas for books, businesses, future job prospects that I want to fulfill in my life but getting it all into just one life will be difficult. I think being a high school English teacher who's also the school councilor that writes on the side and has an online book business who lives in Yorkshire(or Canada)- while is my dream in a nutshell- will be a very stressful life and unrealistic but I hope to manage to accomplish as much as I can in my life being, I feel, a very creative, passionate and entrepreneurial person.

I will also like to mention that in high school I was a fairly shy person who hated social situations and I went through a few bad patches through the five ears but over the past few years and going into college I've felt a lot more confident in myself and decided to focus a lot on my own well being which is a decision I've always been glad I've made and I have to thank blogging a little for making me realise that you have to put yourself first sometimes and it's also helped me become more confident in talking to people and being more honest.

I feel like I've graced you with enough about me for the time being but I would really love to know more about you so please tell me how old you are, where you're from, why you started blogging and what you have planned for the future. It doesn't matter how long the comment is; I love essay comments!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x
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