#The100DayProject: 100 Days of Post-It Notes

9 Apr 2015

It was on Monday that I read Sophie's post about this project and immediately feel in love with it. She's probably done a better job of explaining this project but I will try my best. The 100 Day Project is a pretty simple but great concept. Every day create or do something for 100 days that relates to the same topic. Examples are 100 days of drawing, writing etc; something that can benefit yourselves.

I remember reading in Sophie's post and I agree that this project has come just at the right time. I've been needing that kick up the back side to get myself motivated and inspired to do what I love and want to do and, for me, that's writing. So on the 6th of April when the 100 days started, I decided that I would do 100 days of writing. By the 7th I'd already decided to change it slightly as whenever something involves a long commitment I give up sooner or later and seeing as I struggle to write something new every month I've decided to do 100 days of post-it notes.
Every day for 100 days I will write on a post-it note something new or if I can't think of anything new to write, I'll draw a picture or write out a quote or song lyrics- I will do something on that post it note everyday. 

One of the main steps to the project is documenting it on instagram which I think is great idea and another reason I wanted to take part as, I know, my photography has been lagging on my blog and Instagram and I think this will help me get back into the swing of things. I posted my first post-it note on my main instagram @sarahhjones and, while I won't be posting the daily post-its, I will post a few on to my more personal and newly black and white instagram @sarahndsons (which seriously needs a new username). I am also planing on doing some round ups on my blog over the couple of months it's running. Hopefully the motivation I'm feeling right now to undertake this project will carry on through to July 14 when it finishes. 

You may be thinking "Sarah, why the hell are you telling us this when it's already started?" Well, that's because while it officially started on Monday, you can start whenever you want! Just go day by day and finish when you finish. I really urge those of you who have a real ambition and passion to take part in this project because I can see it being really helpful in getting me motivated and inspired.
All the information is on the official website and instructions so I'd definitely have a look even if you don't want to take part and are just a little intrigued!

Are you taking part or going to take part? Leave your Instagram usernames in the comments if you are and I'll check out your posts!
What are you going to do for 100 days?
Hope you're doing great,
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