Being a Bibliophile

6 Apr 2015

I'm a bibliophile. While words normally ending in those certain five letters don't always indicate the most pleasant of things, I love this word and the fact there is a word for being a lover of books and someone who finds great joy in having shelves stacked high with books. I love being a bibliophile and it's actually something I'm quite proud of being and so I thought I'd list some of the characteristics that I think indicate that you,yourself, is a bibliophile as well.

Not having enough room to store books in an aesthetically pleasing way: While I've managed to make a small section of my books look pretty, there are still parts of my room that include books and don't look as nice with them stacked on my bedside or in a crate under my bed. I will I could have my own library with one of those stair cases that glide across the book shelves (#bookgoals).

Having an ever growing TBR List: My To be Read list is scribbled down in numerous different places that when piled together will all in all cost more money then I have and so it kills me that I know I will never complete my TBR list but I still have hope that I will even though every time I read one book, 3 more are added to the list.

Wanting books but no money: This is the biggest bummer of them all. Books are so expensive! Even on 3 for 2 they are still expensive. I understand why the costs are the costs they are but,still, they hurt me and my bank balance so much.

Putting reading before revision: OK, I'm guilty. Even when I've been revising all I've been thinking about is the next time I'm going to sit down a read another book. Over this Easter holiday all I want to do is read but I know I've got to revise!

Rushing home to finish your book: This has happened more times than I would like to admit; walking at almost a slow jog sometimes because I can't wait to find out what happened. Even if I have the book with me, I like to finish a book in the comfort of my bed.

Taking a book everywhere with you: I always carry a book. It's a strange but nice comfort knowing that there is a story in bag to read whenever I'm bored or have the chance to get it out and read even only a page.

Losing sleep over a suspenseful book: Too often have I stayed up too late and regretted it in the morning but at the time feeling like I had to finish the book even though it was 2 o'clock in the morning and I had to be up at half 6.

Here are just a few of the problems I face being a huge lover of books. If you're a huge love of books yourself, I'd love to know what problems you face being a book lover yourself; I'm sure I'll be able to relate!
Hope you're doing great, 
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