A Refresh

11 Apr 2015

In the past, when I've come to a bit of a junction with blogging where I don't which way is the right way to move forward in my blogging. Sometimes, one little thing about blogging can unmotivate me; usually this is the writing aspect of it but recently I've found it's the photos.
I've read every other blogger suggest when it comes to blog photography and I've looked at each bloggers photos to find some inspiration. I don't want to photos to be the same as everyone else so I'm trying to find new ways to take photos that I'm proud of that accompany the words I've written so I'm proud and happy with the post entirely. What I'm trying to say for this first point is that please bear with my on the photo front, I'm really trying to experiment with new ways that I feel look good and reflect what I want.

For my second point, you may have noticed already, I have a new layout! My old one kind of getting me down and while I loved it and working with Sinead to create it was great but I felt it didn't reflect, again, what I wanted it to and I think my new theme is a lot more what I'm wanting right now and, while there still somethings I need to adjust still, I really love it but, again, bear with the adjustments! Also, I look quite lonely due to the fact I've lost all my blogging comments; I've tried to do what I can but, sadly I think they're not coming back.

Next is my blog content. I've been slowly edging away from the beauty side of things because it's not really me. Like I've mentioned numerous times, I love make up and I still enjoy going out and buying and blogging about it but when I first started this blog, it was never my intention for that to be the main focus of my blog. Over the past few month my blog has been all over the place in all departments and that's why I've had a bit of a refresh with everything and that will include my content. I've been posting more book related posts and I've really been enjoying that. I enjoy just sharing my thoughts on certain topics as well as things I love and that's what I want to continue! Of course beauty will still play apart because it's something I enjoy but I want to make it clear that I'm not a beauty blog and so I don't want to get any hopes up that there will always be a beauty post every week. I just kind of want to blog what I blog.

Finally, exams. It seems like only yesterday I was finishing my GCSEs and starting my AS levels. The week I go back to college, my photography exam is that week and a few weeks after my exams start. I was going to just take a break this year from blogging over that period of time but I think I'm going to try and keep blog appearances up and just schedule well in advance. This is kind of pre warning that posts may be lacking in content over the next month or two and if I don't get a post up a few times, I apologies in advance now. 

I'd love to know what you think of the new layout and are you ok with changes? Do you have any suggestions for my blog of topics you'd like to see?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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