30 Apr 2015

It's come to an end of another month and it's been a quick one but there has been some great posts gone up by other bloggers this month and I've been really enjoying blogging this past month also!

This Month: My blog has received the most page views it ever has this month and that makes me so happy because I'm really happy with what I've been blogging this month and I'm so glad you are enjoying it so thank you! I feel like my blog has been very busy this month and I've decided instead of explaining each posts I'm going to just direct you here to the start of the month of posts and so you can read through them all(I'm not forcing you, only when you really want to!). Also I did a blog post on Taylor's blog where I shared my "Drugstore In A Rush Look" if you haven't had enough of me and want some more of my beauty posts.

Post I loved: Katie's been firing out the blog posts this past month and I've enjoyed all of them in particular her post "How To Live Like A Badass" which was done in two parts and were both really good as well "The Importance Of Biance Piper" as after seeing and reading The Duff myself, I totally agree with what Katie was saying and the message the film brings with it. Katie is a blogger who heavily inspires my blog as well as encouraging me to write about what I want. I love a good story post and LJ's post "I Fell In Love With a Stranger" is no exception to that love. Stories like this just make a little fuzzy instead but also makes me think that we should all talk to strangers more often; they're great! If I want tips I always go to Helen and I've mentioned her posts once or twice before but "Tips & Tricks Internet and PR Lingo" is another helpful post for those stepping into the PR side of blogging and wanting to expand their knowledge. I am lucky enough to have quite good knowledge about photography from my dad and studying it at college but for those of you who want a good post about photography Lauren's "In-Depth Photography Tips For Your Blog" is one of the best photography posts I've read and so many bloggers have tackled this subject. It answers questions that many first time photographers have and the way she set the whole post out has made it super easy to read!

Next Month: Next month on the blog with be, really a carry on with this month however, in two weeks my exams start and so for the two weeks my exams are on I am planning on carrying on putting up posts but just once a week on either the Monday or Thursday. This is also a word of warning to say there may not be a post of all if the stress starts to take over me. Also, due to revision, I've stopped myself from reading books I want to  and focusing on reading the exam text for English if I do read and so a Recently Read may not be up for another month so I apologies in advance! If you have any topics you want me to cover on my blog feel free to leave a comment!

May Reads: As I've just said, Reading for pleasure is on the back burner for the next month but if I do get a sneaky read, I've finally picked up Gone Girl so I might give that a read as well as finishing off the few books I've started already.

Loved: Sherlock (I've finally watched them all!), Bones(It's finally back!) and Amber Run (They finally released an album!).

Lusting: Everything I can't buy because I have no money and am on a little spending ban.

As always, my monthly playlist has gone up at the same time as this so I hope you enjoy that aswell!
What have you been up to this month? Have you go exams as well?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x
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