4 May 2015

Apps seem to run and organise my life and I'm always on the look out for the new apps that hook me in and make my and my phone's life that little bit better. I rounded up some of my favourite apps last year- it's not the best post but if you're interested you can have a look here. I'm going to get into it and share with you four apps that I love. 

I'd been against Spotify for ages due to the high price of a monthly subscription but when they offered back in January for 3/4 months for just 99p how could I not and since then I've been hooked and has been great for the bus journeys into college. You may have also noticed it's also what I've been using for monthly playlist and it's such a great way to discover new music and listen to other people's playlist. My months have now run out and I'm not renewing due to the high price but I will still be using it when I have wifi connection and my monthly playlists that's for sure!

This isn't an app I've used all too recently but it's probably one of the best apps out there. It's a free way of learning a language from scratch or pick up where you left off. I currently learning French after starting to learn it in high school but stopping as I didn't want the French exam pressure. This is such an amazing app and it's doubly amazing for given such a great service for free. I actually recommend this to the lovely Brogantatexo and then just a week later mentioned it as her favourit app due to my recommendation ( yes, I did feel slightly proud!). Everyone should learn a language and this is app is the perfect place to start. 

This is a great one for those who, like me, take photos for Instagram and want to take them off your phone and onto your laptop or vice versa. It's so easy to set up so you can access files from you computer or your phone through the app. It has made my life so much easier instead of having to send countless emails to myself to get things from my phone and computer. This is such a useful app to have just in case. 

This app I've seen recommended quite a lot and it's only been over this past month I've really started to use it. I'm a massive fan of a list but the one downfall of writing them on post it notes and accidentally leaving them around is that I lose them but with lists being on my phone being able to have as many as I want is great. It's also great to keep track of homework and deadlines as you're able to set alarms. There's also something insanely satisfying about ticking the box to say that the task is complete. 

So these are just four apps that I love and I'm planning on doing another purely for photography apps so let me know if you'd like that- I have some great ones!
What apps do you love and are handy to have?
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

P.S starting this week for the next couple of weeks while exams are on, there will be only one post a week; I hope that's ok as it just makes my life a lot easier!

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