16 May 2015

My exams have officially started. In fact, I've had 3; Psychology, Sociology and finishing the week with grueling two and half hour English yesterday. I actually only have two exams left which is just another psychology and sociology and so I thought I'd have a break from my frantic revision to fill you in on something I started a lot earlier than planing. If you read my post "Writing" I discussed that this summer was going to be the summer I write something that I'm proud of. With revision I wouldn't have time but once I have an idea I tend to run with it as fast and as soon as I can and so I've already written the first chapter.

I planned to publish the first chapter after my exams but procrastination overwhelmed me and I have Chapter 1 of my first ever published story over on Watt Pad which you can start here. I've entitled it "Letters Lost" but it's not great,I know that, but for now I can't think of anything better. I thought I would give you a brief synopsis here of the story I've started to write:

Ally and her family have never stayed in one place for long as moving around the country for her dad's job has become a way of life even though her dad promises every time that it's the last move. Next destination: Manchester- a place they haven't been before and Ally suspects it will be just like the rest.
 Sarah has finished high school and has started college. After reflecting on the past 5 years of high school she realises that her time there wasn't really all that great and that she regrets not doing certain things and telling certain people how she really feels. She doesn't want this regret and old demons to haunt her and her future so, in an attempt to be rid of them, compiles letters  of things she wish she had said as well as some friendly advice to help those chose people in the future. 
 Due to an amazing coincidence, the stories of Ally and Sarah collide with circumstances that will effect both of their futures. A story of change, regret and hope.

You are going to judge the book straight off my awful summary above that I highly apologies for;it was a quick two minute blurb and I will update it when I find the time but I do suggest judging it by the first actual chapter. 
I don't expect it to turn out to be the work of genius just a book with a story line I hold dearly to me. I will say now just in case anyone things I'm very full of myself to use my own name in the story, yes, some of the story line will be based on my experience of high school and people I know personally. However, some aspects will be changed as well as names. I won't be saying which will be true and which are the work of fiction- I want to leave it up to you, the reader; I think it'll be half the fun! Yes, I could still change my own name but I don't think I will personally, connect with the story as much myself and, for this, I really want to as I'm also using the writing experience as closure on the relationships I left behind in high school as it's been something I've been struggling to get over my first year of college and I'm sick of looking back and want to turn my head round and look forward. I've been looking back so long I think I've got a kink in my neck.

There probably won't be an update for a month or so but, like I said, I was very eager to share this first installment with you and I would love to hear your truly honest opinions and all constructive criticism I welcome and hope you enjoy it if you do read it!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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