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27 Apr 2015

I started, this year, sharing with you my monthly playlists of specific songs I've been loving that month but I realised that while I share with you certain songs I love, I rarely share with you specific artists I love so today I thought I'd share with you just a few of the artists I've been loving recently.

A new discovery: Tom Rosenthal.
I've feature some of Tom's music in a few playlists this year but his seriously the anthem to my bus journeys. His voice is just addictive to listen to and his lyrics are just ingenious. If you watch the Wonderful Will Darbyshire's YouTube videos, you have most likely heard Tom's music as it's often featured in the background of his videos. Tom has released quite a lot of music and so he's not one you can get bored off because there's always song I've not yet listened to.

Another new discovery: Amber Run.
On Youtube, I subscribe to a few different live music sessions and they popped up a month a so ago with a cover of one of their songs "I Found" accompanied with a choir and I'm a sucker for a good acoustic, choir cover and the song just had me. They have a mix of slow songs and some slightly more up tempo tracks and I love them all

The summer singer: Saint Raymond.
Saint Raymond was played through out the summer months last year as well as while I was revising (trying to keep myself in a good mood to revise!) and I have a feeling it's going to be the smae this year round with new tracks of his being released as well a debut album. Saint Raymond's music is perfect for a sunny spring/summer day!

The upbeat: Years & Years.
I don't doubt you've already heard their tracks Desire and King as they are frequently played on the radio as well as my Ipod when I just want to have a secret dance around m room in the small amount of space I've got. I actually planned on getting tickets with some friends to go see them but they sold out so quickly I never go the chance. They are also releasing their debut album in the coming months and one I'll be transfixed to over the summer months. 

All Time Favourite: City & Colour
I can't get enough of Dallas Green and I've definitely mentioned this over the blogging years about my obsession with his music. He's released so many albums that are just perfect and I would say have a similar music approach to Tom Rosenthal with the in genius lyrics. City & Colour have a song for every feelings, season, month, etc. I just can't get enough! I curretly have 3 of his albums on physical CD and I plan on having them all but Spotify helps me and I think I have listened to everything he's released and I recommend you do too. I just love him.

So these are some of my favourite artists at the moment. I'm no music critic in the slightest but I thought you might like to know some of the music I've been listening to recently in a bit more detail.
I love recieving music recommendations as well as giving them so tell me some of your favourite artists! I love all music genres!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x
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