Budget Beauty: Morning Skincare

29 May 2014

Before I start this post, I'll admit, I'm not one to have enough time before school to do a full skincare routine and struggle with even this 3 step process because who can really get out of their bed with time to do all that! This is what I do really before I apply any make up as it helps really moisturise my dry skin so it's not visible no matter how dry skin hugging the products say to be. Also, I promise this is not a sponsored post by simple even though it is all simple products. Just to reassure you I can tell you that some simple products really aren't worth the money and sometimes don't live up to their expectation but I've managed to find I few products that I like and work well and are worth the small amount of money you have to pay!

Even though all I've done is sleep, I still need to quickly cleanse and I use the Purifying Cleansing Lotion. This doesn't do much to my skin other than remove nastiness collected through the night and all hydrates the skin a little bit which helps with my dry skin. If you've read my Second Chances #2, you'll know that I bought this ages ago when I went through a sensitive stage and worked great but then it's just been sat in my skincare basket gathering dust until I decided to give it another go and, like I said, it's great for a quick cleanse. 

I next apply this Revitalizing Eye Roll-on. This is good if you need waking up as the metal roller ball, is nice and cold on your skin and works similarly to putting cold teaspoons under your eyes. By squeezing the tube, it release a gel substance that distributes on your skin as you roll it under your eyes. The gel doesn't really do much but I like the roller ball so I've basically paid £3 for something I could just use something in my kitchen draw for. I also think this was the cause to my having irritated eyes about a month ago so it isn't something I'd recommend as while the concept is great, the product just isn't worth it and I'm really just trying to use it up.

The final step to this 3 step process is the Hydrating Light Moisturiser. Even though I will always repurchase this product, I don't think it lives up to it's brands name of being for sensitive skin as when I had a cold a few months ago, I applied this to my know which was very sensitive and damaged and it stung so much; it was something I definitely something I didn't expect for a brand that's supposed to be made for sensitive skin. Having saying that, I do love this moisturiser as it's just the right texture and thickness to hydrate my skin well without it looking greasy and it absorbs nice and quickly so I can apply my make up while it's slightly wet on my skin but has mostly all absorbed to make sure my dry skin isn't visible when I apply my make up.

And that's it! I feel like this is a post full of complaints but Simple's a great brand to try out especially if you're just getting into skincare or looking for a real bargain!
What does your Morning Skincare Routine consist of?
Hope you're doing great,

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