My Most Anticipated Book Releases for 2021

2 Jan 2021 United Kingdom

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There are so many amazing books released every year and, of course, 2021 is no different. I had a great reading year in 2020 and one thing I want to do to improve this year is to read more new releases and specifically make more of an effort to pre-order books. Why? It actually helps authors out a lot, especially new authors release debut novels; it's just another way of supporting your favourite authors as well as new and upcoming writers. It also is a great surprise when you forget you ordered it in the first place (I do this all too often!). So, today I thought I'd share just a few of the exciting releases I already have on my TBR for 2021 that you might want to pre-order too! 

Where available, I've included links to pre-order the books from - a great website that gives a percentage of the money from your purchase to an independent book shop of your choice. With the high street struggling now more than even, Hive is one way you can keep your book shops open, ready for your return! 

Luster by Raven Leilani

This debut novel from Leilani is our at the end of January so there's still time to pre-order it and start your reading year off right away! This story follows Edie - working in a dead-end job, making the wrong decisions but the only thing always right in her life is her love for painting. She meets Eric - archivist, suburban husband and father to his adopted black daughter who has no one to show her how to do her hair. Edie ends up intertwined in Eric's home and family in this story exploring sexual and racial politics. 

Such a Fun Age was a book I loved last year and I think this may follow similar ideas to be an honest and eye-opening read. It's also been likened to Normal People so I'm really intrigued to see how it is!

My Year Abroad by Chang-Rae Lee

If you're lucky enough to be in the US, you should already be able to get your hands on this one but for the UK folks, don't worry it's only 2 months away from being released! It may not be a debut novel but it's definitely worth pre-ordering from the synopsis alone. 

Tiller is an American college student who has no real passion while Pong-Lou is a creative entrepreneur who sees some potential in Tiller. Pong takes Tiller on a trip across Asia where Tiller somehow becomes a child protege as he experiences some truly eye-opening events that change how he views the world around him. 

This plot really intrigues me and the vagueness of the blurb only wants to make me read it more. I can't wait to give this a read! 

Love is a Revolution by Renee Watson

This is probably one of my most anticipated of 2021. While I've not read any of Renee Watson's earlier books, I love the sound of this YA plot that reminds me both of the activism found in T.H.U.G and also the exploration of self-love and relationships in Get a Life, Chloe Brown. 

When Nala says yes to an invitation to an open-mic night, she did not expect to fall instantly in love with the MC, Tye. While Nala would prefer to spend her summer curled up watching movies, Tye is an activist spending his time putting on community events. To impress Tye, Nala drops in a few lies and here and there which soon become harder to keep up with as they become close. 

Any YA book about self-love is a hit for me, I can't wait to read this when it's released in February. 

All Girls by Emily Layden

At an all-girls school in Connecticut, the students are smart and driven, progressive thinkers and feminist intellects. When they arrive back at school for the fall term, they are met with the news of a claim of sexual assault against an unnamed teacher. As weeks pass and over the next year at school, we see the stories of a diverse range of interconnected characters as they work through this strange year of school, questions if the staff really have their best interests at heart, while also navigating the life of a normal teenager growing up. 

This is another that I just have to read - the plot seems poignant and a necessary read. After reading My Dark Vanessa last year, I think this a great follow-on book to explore a similar topic more through reading this year. 

Happily Ever Afters by Elise Bryant

When I saw this likened To All The Boys I Loved Before and for fans of the amazing romance author Jasmine Guillory, I knew this debut novel ould have to be added to my 2021 TBR. 

Tessa hates that she only reads love stories with characters like her in her own writing that she shares with her number 1 fan and best friend, Caroline. When Tessa is accepted into a creative writing workshop she's struck with a case of writer's block. Caroline suggests remedying this by finding a new source of inspiration by having her own real-life love story. Cue Nico, the perfect brooding artist to play the Prince Charming in her next story. But, is this really the love she wants? 

While this one is only just being released in the US (January 5th!), I'll be waiting eagerly to get my hands on a copy on an ebook in the UK soon! 

The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris

This is said to be "Get Out meets Devil Wears Prada" - I'm Sold! This is the debut novel from Zakiya and the synopsis sounds amazing. 

Working for a publishing house, Nella is an editorial assistant who is tired of her micro-aggressive colleagues and being the only black employee at the company. When Hazel joins the team, she is delighted to have her in the company and her cubical buddy. But, just as they are getting to know each other, tensions start to rise between them when Hazel becomes the office darling and Nella public enemy number 1. After Nella receives a note telling her to quit, she becomes obsessed with finding answers and realises that more than just her job is on the line. 

This is labelled a thriller with sly social commentary that I can't wait to pick up in June when it's released. 

Whether it's a new release or a book that's been on your TBR for a while, what book are you most excited to pick up in 2021? 

Thanks for reading, 
Sarah x

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