Forever Repurchase.

28 Apr 2014

Everyone has those products that they have to repurchase as soon as they finish it or end up running back to when it all goes wrong with a new product and these are mine!

Batiste Dry Shampoo: If I'm honest I've ever tried any other dry shampoo but I'm too scared to. This is an essential to me and I just automatically pick another can up when I'm running low, not really thinking about it but looking back it, I've gone through so many of the full sized and mini batiste's that I can't even remember.

Simple Hydrating Moisturiser: It wasn't till coming to write this post that I realised how much I love and use this product even though I sometimes have days where I despise this product but I really do love this moisturiser and is the perfect for under foundation as it hydrates my dry patches so are not ensenuated by the foundation or other products that I go on to apply. I know it's going to be a while before I find a moisturiser for under my foundation as fabulous as this one!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer: This is my third one of these and they last me forever as I'm not an everyday make up wearer and I'm, again, too scared to try out any others so I can't really compare this to any others. I will keep buying this until it's discontinued because it works for everything!I know that they've actually re packaged this now and I;m not too sure if the formulas changed so this could be a bad thing but I'll soon find out when I repurchase

Avon Super Extend Mascara: This product can be quite hard to get your hands on being Avon but if you can get your paws all over it please do! It's great at lengthening but I tend to use it more as a bottom lash mascara so I don't get mascara all over the place from using a bulky wand for the mascara I used on my top lashes. It's able to get into all the little hairs and I think it's great that it's plastic because none of my similar shaped wands of mascaras that are bristles ,such as my Collection Longer Lash, don't create the same full lash effect that this gives. I can't lie to you, this is my first one and I'v had it for so long that I definitely need a new one but I'm just waiting for it to be on offer!

Good Things Purifying Cleanser: Last but definitely not least is something I've spoke about on my blog along time ago and I'm still loving it! I thought after a while I'd get a bit bored with it or it just stops working but it still leaves my skin silky smooth after patting my skin dry and I'm still obsessed with the smell. I doesn't harm my dry skin and, if anything, helps it so I'd highly recommend picking this up in the future if you have mild dry skin but also have a few blemishes and want and all over good cleanser!

So That's it! They're the products that I know I will always repurchase until I find a better alternative or it's discontinued.
Let me know some products you'll always repurchase! Also I'd love some concealer help so could you recommend me some of your drugstore favourites?
Hope you're doing great,

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