Night Out Make Up

1 May 2014

A while back, I posted a day out look on Yige's blog which you can see here and she posted her Night Out look onto my blog so I thought I would share with you how I change up my everyday make up to my night out.

 Starting with the eyes, I used my NYC palette in Best Of Broadway. I "hauled" this back last year and never showed you or told how I was finding it but here I am a year on, telling you that it's one of those products that I forget about and then is always there when everything goes wrong and I just need something simple. The colours look more purple in the palette but I find they apply as brown/purple colours which still works for me. I apply the light purple, shimmery colour all over my lid and then take the plum, dark purple into my inner crease. I then take the darkest colour which is a slightly shimmery black and apply that to the out V of my eyes. Now, I just blend blend blend! Before adding mascara, I applied the lighter purple to the inner half of my lower lash line and the darker shade to the outer half.For mascara, I go for a volumising mascara at night and so I chose the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara which I applied to my bottom lashes as well. I'm a powder, eye shadow lover when it comes to eyebrows but I wanted something that would stay put and define my eyebrows that little bit more than and eye shadow would so I use this Avon Glimmerstick Brow Definer in Blonde. I wouldn't really recommend this as it runs down fairly quickly and it's nearly finished despite the fact I hardly ever use it. I would love your recommendations for eyebrow products!  

For my face, I used my usual foundation; L'oreal True Match Foundation and then applied my Collection Concealer under my eyes, my chin, down my nose and in the middle of my forehead. After blending that in, I applied my Maybelline Fit Me concealer to any other redness or imperfections and, again blend that in. I then contoured my face with (surprise,surprise) my Sleek matte bronzer.
I know you're probably sick of seeing this bronzer so I've seen a few new drugstore bronzers so watch out for those! I contoured my face with this and then took my Elf Baked Blush in Peachy Cheaky which acted as a blush and highlight. To finish, I applied my Elf Tone Correcting Powder to my oily areas. I am yet to have formed an opinion on this powder but I'll let you know soon!
I couldn't decide on a lip colour but settled with my MUA Shade 7 Lipstick which is ridiculously only £1

So that's it! let me know if you'd like any reviews of the products I've mentioned or if there's any other posts you'd like to see me do as it's coming up to exams and if you've seen my admin post than you'll know I'm in need of ideas as well as people to post on my blog!
I hope you're doing great,

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