Playlist Post Update

27 Apr 2014

Posting playlists used to be a main feature on my blog but I started to just post them on the sidebar. because of this it's very easy to miss one that you might  interested in so here is all my recent playlists so feel free to have a listen!

This playlist is one that is the second in a collection of music I like to listen to when reading.

Most of my playlists seem to be quite slow so I decided to mix it up a bit by making this one that is not only suitable for bike rides but long car journeys,walks etc.

At the time of making this playlist, I was reading The Hunger Games and during reading I found myself listening to a collection of songs which are in there along with a few that were perfect for this playlist.

This is my most recent playlist which is dedicated to the amazing The Fault In Our Stars book which I've recently re read prior to the film release. I started compiling this playlist before the soundtrack music was released so it includes some of the official TFios music along with some songs that remind my of the book!

So these are the main ones that you may have missed over the passed few months so maybe have a listen and let me know what you think along with any future playlist ideas!

What've you been listening to recently?

Hope you're doing great,

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