What is Skinimalism & How to Become a Skinimalist

28 Jan 2021 United Kingdom

Skinimalism - set to be a big trend this year and something I've been trying to incorporate into my routine for a few years now; cutting down the number of products I use and focussing on the basics and what I need. I thought I'd share with you everything you need to know about skinimalism and how to implement it into your daily routine. 

What is skinimalism? 

Skinimalism brings together skincare and makeup to promote more natural and simplistic beauty. From a streamlined skincare routine that focusses on the basics, to a minimalist makeup routine that gives you a natural glow in just a few simple steps. 

Skinimalism in 2021

Pinterest's 2021 Trend Report says that skinimalism is set to pick up this year at a time when more people are shopping consciously and sustainably. As the beauty industry has been making slow but positive progress away from unrealistic beauty standards, mixed with the last year spent working from home and embracing the natural Zoom look, it's given many people the confidence within their own skin, ditching the long skincare and makeup routines and focussing more on the simplistic looks.

We're also seeing some fantastic brands promoting minimal makeup and embracing the glowy-skin look that is set to carry in through this next year and, I hope, beyond that! Not only is it promoting more natural makeup, but it's also showing others that you don't need to spend hundreds on pounds on makeup with drawers full of products. Create your own capsule make up routine and you're set for the year! 

How to become a skinimalist

While before this year, I didn't know there was such a word as skinimalism, it basically describes exactly how I treat my own beauty routines and so I thought I'd share some ways you can incorporate skinimalism into your own routines. 


Focus on the basics and do it well! 

Cut out the BS - don't overcomplicate it and stick to the basics - makeup remover, cleanser, moisturiser etc. Find a skincare routine that covers the basic needs that your skin needs. Using loads of different products can actually cause you more damage than good so find what works for you and stick to it! 

It definitely takes some time to find the products that work for you but once you do, it's totally worth it! I always recommend to my friends to check out Hyram on YouTube - his skincare advice is top-notch and he's just as much about finding products that work for as I am. 

Streamline your steps to create a lasting routine

The more steps you add, the more likely you are to resent your routine. Simplify your steps as much as you feel possible. Cut out unnecessary treatments, know what works for you and soon you'll have a routine that not only works but is also quick for you to do every day! 

Protect your skin! 

Less about skinimalism and more just a general rule of thumb - makeup or no makeup, remember your SPF! The last step in your routine but a vital one to keep you protected for your day ahead. 


Declutter your stash

The step towards a more minimal makeup routine is saying goodbye to make up you haven't used in years. That lipstick you've had since you were 16, a green eyeshadow you bought for Halloween once and never used again. Be liberal - anything passed its use-by date or you've not used in 6 months, are you going to use it again? Start afresh with the products you use regularly and love. 

Crack down on your daily essentials

Having a set of daily makeup staples will save you so much time when you're getting ready. There's no routing through the depths of your drawers, you know where it is and what you'll use every day to make it quicker to grab in the morning. Pull together the daily essentials that create the perfect base for you with a few added extras if you fancy it. 

For me, it's concealer, eyebrow gel, a bit of blush, mascara and highlighter for the minimalist base. Check out my previous daily makeup post as well as other minimal makeup routines I've shared to find inspiration as to what to include. 

Embrace the glow! 

Whether it's a more dewy lightweight foundation, a liquid highlighter or bronzer, let your natural beauty shine with glowing products. For me, I don't even need setting powder anymore! With such a lightweight base, there's no need to add a powder to mattify and I'll have a healthy glow all day long. 

Shop small and sustainably

To make all this worth it, try and pick products that support smaller brands and that promote a natural make up look just like you want! Brands like Pacifica, Dead Sea Spa Magic, Q + A beauty and other cruelty-free brands are definitely work checking out and adding to your make up collection. 

What do you think about Skinimalism? Is it another trend or do you think it's here to stay? 
Thanks for reading, 
Sarah x 

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