18 Aug 2019

2019 diary to help be productive
I feel every day has its purpose. While Mondays are for getting started and Saturdays are for having some fun, I'd say Sundays are the time I try and get my life in order and get myself prepped for the Monday. Whether you're working full time, a student, a freelancer, if you have Sundays off, it gives you the perfect opportunity to make the following week go smoothly. This post is acting a little follow to my "Ways to Love Mondays" post as I mentioned there how important the Sunday is. 

Sunday is the perfect day to find time for yourself. While I try to make sure I'm doing on Saturday, Sunday is my down day- my prep day, my self-care day. And, while I'd love to just spend it in bed and relax, I can still have a chilled Sunday while keeping productive. Here I share a little Sunday routine that allows me to get the most out of the day while still enjoying it. 


A lie-in
OK, so I already said no lounging around but there is nothing wrong with a few extra hours in bed. While so many people are for the early mornings to make the most out of the day, I get it, but me making the most out of my Sunday is staying in bed. I've probably not enjoyed sleeping and really appreciated my chance to sleep so Sunday is the best time to treat myself to 20 minutes or an hour(or two) extra in bed. If I want to sleep longer, my body obviously needs it- a late start isn't necessarily a bad one. 

Enjoy your breakfast 
I love a Sunday roast as much as the next person; it's such a hearty meal that I've probably craved after a week of rushed meals after work. But, for me, I've actually found myself loving a bigger and more of a treat breakfast on a Sunday. I've probably been shoving the same breakfast in my mouth before flying out the door the whole week so, making time to try something new or an old breakfast favourite is the best thing to do on a Sunday morning. Homemade pancakes, waffles, poached egg on toast as all some of my favourites. Something like this makes the best start to my Sunday and will keep me full for a while so I can get on with everything else I want to.

No one wants to do it. But, you'll thank yourself later. It doesn't have to take hours but just getting the house in order and clean really makes me feel better and can help me settle down in the afternoon. I've probably neglected a lot of my space throughout the week so fluffing the cushions, vacuuming the floors and a quick polish can work wonders. I always love this time to listen to some music; whether it's a new playlist or some old-time favourites, it makes a change to my usual commuter playlist. If you want to see what I'm listening too, check out my Spotify. 


The Big To-Dos
Cleaning done, coffee brewed, I now find somewhere to sit comfortably (usually the sofa) and go through my diary. Are there any events in the next week? Any jobs I haven't got round to yet that I can finish today? Anything I have missed completing during the week, I try to prioritise them to start on Monday. One thing I try not to do is stress myself on Sunday. While it may show me I have a lot of to-dos, Sunday is to help me get it in order so I can manage it better tomorrow. 

Schedules & Plans
It's time to check when I'm free. If there's anything I need to do during the week, I can slot it in when I'm free. Not just putting in social plans but when to blog, when I want to be in the office by during the week. Even if a rough plan, it can help create some sort of routine through the week so I am nowt forgetting anything important or worried I can't fit everything in (which is never the case usually- I'm not much of a social butterfly!). 

Meal Prep & Planning
Checking what I have in the fridge and my cupboards, what needs using up and what I need to buy can help me effectively plan my meals so that I am not wasting any food leftover or buying too much. Sunday is usually the day I actually go and do my shopping (if I didn't on Monday). This is so I can start prepping any large meals. I tend to cook something on the Sunday in bulk that I'll have again on Monday and another night later that week or that I will freeze. It just helps if I get too tired or just can't be bothered later in the week so I'm not struggling to find something to eat. 

I also find cooking quite therapeutic so, to me, meal planning and prepping is not a chore but almost self-care.  Do you enjoy cooking or are you an avoid-at-all-costs kind of person? 


People call it 'self-care Sunday' for a reason; it makes sense to end the week relaxed and prepared for the following one. Everyone's way of winding down differs. For me, taking some time to catch up on TV, read a book and even blogging can help me focus my attention away from work, life- anything that might have me a little stressed. 

A Goodnight's Sleep
I'm planning a whole post on my PM routine to show how I have created a routine that allows me to switch off and sleep well. Sunday is the perfect time to get your body clock adjusted and create a healthy sleep pattern. I make sure I don't stay up too late so I resent the Monday morning commute but still making sure that I have some time to myself to wind down slowly. 

So there's a look at my typical Sunday routine to help make the most of this chilled day and getting ready for the week to come. 

What does your typical Sunday look like? I'd love to hear about what you get up to!
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

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