5 Ways How To Love Your Mondays

15 Jan 2019

Ahhh Mondays - every person’s worst nightmare. The weekend is over, it’s back to school or work for another week. But Monday doesn’t have to be all that bad - it’s a chance for a fresh start and with these tips, you’ll be on your way to appreciating the amazingness of a Monday. 

Make the most of your Sundays

The process starts the night before - any appointments, classes or plans I might have that week I make sure are in my diary. I make sure that everything is ready for tomorrow. Bag packed, lunch prepped. Try to keep Sunday as stress-free as possible; keep it chilled and try to do something you love that day - maybe reading, getting crafty or meeting a friend. 

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Early night, early morning

The early morning is a big factor in favour of hating Mondays - unable to peel yourself off of your pillow and get ready - I feel ya! Creating a good sleep routine is the key to feeling more awake and ready on Monday, to tackle the week ahead. Starting Monday a little earlier gets me in the right frame of mind. Giving myself some extra time before starting work helps me feel more energised and positive for the rest of the day. 

New week, fresh start

Treat Monday as a refresh. If you had a hard week last week, thinking more positively of all you want to accomplish can really help you love Mondays and realise the potential it has to set you up for a successful week and beyond. Monday is the perfect time to go "Right, let's get this done" and can be a great chance to start something new you may want to introduce into your routine or something extra you want to prioritise.

Eat well

If there’s going to be one day to treat yourself to your favourite breakfast it’s a Monday. A little treat to start the day off well. Whether it’s your favourite cereal, pancakes or waffles if you have the time, or pack an exciting breakfast on the go to enjoy when you get to work! 

No pressure!

Remember, it’s only Monday! You might start the week with a full inbox, lots to organise and tasks to finish but do your best to not feel overwhelmed and break it up into manageable chunks. Monday is the perfect day to get organised to make sure the rest of your week remains stress-free. 

Monday has so much potential to be one of the best days of the week. It’s a chance to come back to work with a fresh head, introduce positive habits and set yourself up for the week ahead. 

Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

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