15 Jan 2019

Everyone tends to have quite the vendetta against a Monday. For most people it means the weekend's over and it's back to work/school/college. For me, it's straight back into lectures at university. However, this past term at uni I've actually found myself less resentful about getting out of bed in the morning to start the week and have actually, dare I say it, started to like them.
For some people this new year, they be looking to stop, as many do, hating on Monday's and instead looking at how you can learn to love Mondays. So, today I thought I'd share with you some positives about Mondays and a few things you could do to make the most out of the start of the week and to make them a little bit easier.


For me, the process starts the night before. Sitting down and writing a to-do list that I will start to tackle the next wee allows me to get my head in order. Any appointments, lectures, deadlines I might have that week I make sure are in my diary. I was thinking of doing a post about my Sunday Routine in more detail but it's very similar to the points I made in my "HOW I RESET" post so maybe give that one a read first. 

I make sure that everything is ready for tomorrow. Bag packed, lunch prepped. This means there's less rushing around and stress for the dreaded early morning that most have on a Monday. 


Treat Monday as a refresh. If you had a hard week last week, thinking more positively of all you want to accomplish can really help you love Mondays and realise the potential it has to set yourself up for a successful week and beyond. Monday is the perfect time to go "Right, let's get this done this week" and can be a great chance to start something new you may want to introduce into your routine or something extra you want prioritise. 


For many, you probably don't have a choice if you have to be in work for 9 or even earlier. If you don't have to wake up early it doesn't mean you shouldn't. Starting the week off early may seem annoying but I find it really sets the tone for the rest of the week. Being up and ready at a reasonable time gives you the day to be productive whether at work, uni or at home. I find it really gets me in the right frame of mind and gives me enough time to properly wake up before I have to get the jobs I need to do done for the day. 

If you are one that does have to get up early for work, I think making sure you a good night's sleep makes Monday morning a little more bearable. I find, while I may not seem it as soon as I wake up, give it an hour and happier and more energised than if I'd not gone to bed earlier and even if I'd chosen to stay in bed the extra few hours. 


I tend to plan my meals along with my week on a Sunday and I make sure that Monday's especially, I take care in what I eat and make sure I'm not just rushing around in trying to get a meal together but making sure each meal is something I enjoy. Most importantly, I make sure to have time for a good breakfast; making time to sit down and enjoy it instead of running out the house with a bit of toast in of my mouth makes me feel a lot calmer and prepared for the rest of the day. 

These are just a few simple I think make Monday's that little bit easier and would love to know if you agree! Are you a fan of Monday's or are there any positives about Monday's that make them a little better for you? 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

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