11 Sept 2018

Sometime life can just get in the way leaving you with a messy house, an unorganised list of things to do which and can all in all leave you feeling a little fed up. I know we all sometimes wish we had a reset button. I recently discovered a new blogger and Youtuber called Lavendaire and I have absolutely been loving her content. One video I watched was called "Reset Day // Get Your Life Together" and I really enjoyed it so I thought I would take some inspiration and share with you how I reset after a busy week. 


When I get busy I tend to disregard any form of pampering and so it's important to take some time to treat yourself. I love being able to have a face mask to help clear up my face; a favourite of mine is the Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask or if I want something more affordable, I'll grab one from Primark. I also like to paint my nails as there's something about freshly painted nails that makes me feel like I have my life together just a little more. Doing all this after a long shower or a hot bath always makes me feel a lot calmer and refreshed.

One other thing related to self-care I've been trying out recently is journalling. It was last Christmas my friend gave me this "My Mindful Mind" journal from Paperchase. Since starting a new year at university I thought now is a great time to start implementing adding a little to it every few days would be a nice addition to the day. It will help me get any worries I have down as well as helping me be a little more positive. 


When life starts to get busy, the first thing I neglect is having a tidy room. As I start rushing round, my floor usually becomes covered in clothes and my desk is littered with open files and scraps of paper. Most of the time, the mess isn't even that bad; it takes me half an hour tops to put everything back in its home and give any surfaces a quick clean, remake the bed and have everything back to how it should be. This lets me then start a fresh with any work I need to do and I'll have a tidy space to do it. 


This is a little vague so I tend to split it into categories:

Meals: Being able to work out what meals I'll be having for the next week is something that I feel helps give my life the most structure. Knowing what I'll be eating in advance saves me getting distracted thinking about having to prepare something or worrying I have to make time to go and pick up ingredients from the shops. I can make sure in advance that I have everything I need for the week  already in my fridge and cupboards. 

Blog: Whenever I have time, having time to sit down and come up with ideas as well as planning a few weeks of content is always helpful. It allows me to get my ideas down on paper so, when it comes to needing to write something, I have a list of posts waiting to be written. It also helps declutter my mind that little more. 

Life: This is also a good time to plan the coming weeks. If I have any new appointments or events I need to remember but have yet had chance to write them in my planner, nows my chance. I also take this time to give my family and friends a ring as there's a chance I haven't spoken to them in a while if life has become hectic. It's also nice to be able to share with them what I have planned for the week; I always find verbalising plans helps me remember them more and I am more likely to stick to what I need to get done. 


After a busy few days, you have to treat yourself. I tend to have a night in to relax and either stick on a film I've been wanting to watch or give myself time to read a book that isn't related to uni. Being able to give myself the night off worrying about anything else can actually motivate me more to wake up the next morning ready to get everything I need to done. 

So there is just a few things I do to help me reset and start a fresh.
 Hope you're doing great,

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