6 Sept 2018

I've been blogging for quite some time now (coming up to 6 years) and throughout that time I've learnt a lot about blogging. When you first start out with just a simple blogger template and no one reading, you don't really think about hows things will change overtime and how your blog will evolve. More recently, I feel I've gone through my latest blogging change as I'm finally getting back into the rhythm of posting weekly and really knowing what content I want to produce. With this, I've realised a few little things about blogging and I thought I'd share them with you today. 

You don't need money to blog.
When I first started,  I thought it was all buying beauty products and reviewing them but now this is less so. There's still sometimes when I'm drafting blog posts that I think "Oh I need to pick up X to complete this post" but, I've come to the realisation that there is so much content to be made that only requires an internet connection and a computer. I've realised the content I want to create doesn't need to have the latest beauty or fashion releases in for people to enjoy and still find helpful. Even if this is the content I want to share, it doesn't mean I have to include the most expensive items; there's nothing wrong with keeping it cheap; money can't stop you from creating amazing content. 

Quality over quantity.
I have been in and out of unintentional blog breaks over the past few years but I've learnt that instead of stressing over having the most content out there, enjoying writing the posts and taking the time to go through and check everything is so much more important. I would rather post once a month but be really proud of it than robotically posting twice a week and not enjoying what I'm writing. It's something I feel people can sense when reading a post and I don't want that. Finding a happy medium is the goal; being able to put the effort into a post but still being able to be consistent with sharing posts. 

If you don't interact you don't get back.
I have rediscovered the joys that are blogging chats. It's a time to virtually network with people but it not being forced and allowing you to have some fun in the process. Talking about your favourite films or books for an hour with new people is actually great and can gain you some mutual followers in the process. I really enjoy commenting on other people's posts but sometimes I don't have time to do it. But when I do, you really do get back from finding some new fabulous blogs as well as drawing some attention to your own blog. 

There's no point measuring your success against others.
Seeing bloggers who started around the same time as me now being incredibly successful full time bloggers can sometimes leave me wondering "why not me?". But, now more than ever, I feel happy with my blog and I'm focussing more on how I can grow and enjoy blogging more than feeling in competition with others. 
I feel this mentality has really allowed me to focus on my own content and think more inward about what I would want to read rather than wanting to follow what everyone else is doing. 

Do what you want!
In a way, I've found this attitude has helped me grow as a blogger more than anything. I'm more relaxed and not forcing myself to do something just to better my blog that I don't feel 100% happy with.
Before, I was sticking to the same format for a lot of my blog posts because, in a way, that's easy and what I'm used to. But, I am no longer enjoying churning out the same types of posts such as my favourites and "recently read" posts. I want to create content that I enjoy writing and would read myself. This is the latest realisation of mine and so it's something I'm continuing to work on. 
As I change, so does my blog and that's a good thing. I'm so excited to continue with my blog and sharing new content with you over the coming months. 

Have you learnt anything while blogging similar to these? I'd love to hear them!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

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