30 Aug 2018

Over the past year at university I've discovered some great apps that I want to recommend to any of you that are students and also any of you that are the super organised types; I think you'll all really appreciate these free apps I've found. 


I for one am not a fan of the in-built notes and reminders apps on iPhones. Minimalist is the best app I've found to do the job of allowing my to create daily to-do lists and have the satisfaction of crossing them off as I go. One of the features I really like is that you can set both deadlines for tasks as well as timers.  This is a great feature for if you just want to do an hour of studying a night, or making sure you stick to a certain time for breaks in between studying.
As the name suggests, it's a super minimal design and easy to get the hang of. It's one I know will be very handy for the rest of my time at uni. 


I don't know about other universities but, when we get our timetable for the year, we are able to download it to our phones and I get mine sent to my google calendar. What I like about this over other calendar apps is that I can colour code different calendars while having them all in one place. For example, last year I had my personal timetable, my university college's activity calendar as well scheduling my part-time job shifts and also any other appointments I might forget.
Having everything all in one place makes like all that easier and really helps me organise my free time in between activities. 


This is one suitable for when exams come around.  Originally, I found the website Quizlet but soon found they had an app which essentially lets you create virtual flashcards which makes it easier to have revision with you on the go. You can also set reminders to get a notification to test yourself daily which I think is really good; you could add the flashcards as you go throughout the year and just take 5 minutes a day to go over those notes- if you do this you'll thank yourself when it comes to exam season! 
Another nice bonus is you can create different sets which means you can separate your flashcards by units or question focus which is super useful and can help you revise in smaller chunks. You can also quiz yourself in different ways; there's the simple flashcards but also match up tasks where it times how long it takes you.I think this is a revision app that I think students will love.


This is a newer app find and does what it says in the name; you can take pictures of your notes and it uploads them to the app. It will help lighten the weight of your bag during the day if you want to have some notes with you but you don't want to lug around a heavy folder.
Near exams last year, my phone was just full of pictures of notes and so I wish I knew about this app sooner. You can read the notes a lot more clearer from the scanned images than if I just took a picture on my camera roll. It saves you having to scroll through all you other photos trying to find the one needed. I know this will definitely be one I will use a lot this coming uni year. 


This last one's more of a fun one that you may have already heard of. It's an app that takes your photo as if it was on a disposable camera. It manages to make any night-out photo look better than if it was taken on your usual phone camera. It's good for getting that polaroid effect on your photos which you'll want to print out and pin on your walls at uni.

Hope these app recommendations were helpful to any of you! Do you have any other great app recommendations? 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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