27 Aug 2018

Planning my summer can be really exciting. Booking holidays abroad or trips to see friends always fills me with excitement. However, sadly this summer this hasn't happened. I decided to spend some time working in order to save some money for my final year and, sadly any plans to travel fell through.  But, surprisingly, it hasn't turned out all that bad.

I've had time to reconnect with friends. In between them going on holiday, it's been nice to be back and being able to see people I've not seen for ages. From going on walks, nights out, shopping and eating out, I've actually really enjoyed being around fab people and being able to forget about uni for a little while.

It's also given me chance to have some real me time. I've actually been able to sit down and write blog posts and not feel like I'm rushing them. I've been able to pick up a pencil and draw for the first time forever; I've finally had chance to use my sewing machine that I haven't really used since I got it two years ago; I've been able to read books that aren't for my course and not feeling guilty when I am reading. 

You've got to admit that the UK has had some amazing weather and I've been able to sit outside in my garden, soak up the sun and just relax. Along with the relaxing, the weather has allowed me to go on walks both around my hometown but also go with friends and my family to nearby places to enjoy getting some fresh air while getting some fabulous instagrams.

What I'm trying to say with this post is that I've managed to get all the best bits of going abroad without leaving home. I've spent quality time with friends, enjoyed amazing hot weather while relaxing and being able to enjoy the scenes around me. It's also allowed me to be more eager to travel next summer and has given me chance to already plan for some trips this next year. 

How has your summer been? 
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x 

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