7 Oct 2016


So I've arrived at Uni. After saying goodbye to my dad and unpacking my stuff and a few nights being surrounded by boxes of belongings I didn't know where to place, I finally feel I've got my own little space. Sharing with 10 other people seemed daunting at first(and it still is a little) but slowly I'm adjusting to a little more each day. I'm yet to have any lectures and am still wrapped up in fresher's week complete with the cliche flu-like symptoms.

Day by day I'm feeling more settled, feeling even more eager to throw myself into uni life and experience all that it has to offer.


So I had a little breakdown. Speaking to a friend from home made me realise where I was and the little bit of pressure it brings with it. It's been a week and I'm worried I'm not making friends, not understanding the work etc. For a minute it felt too much. But then, the next morning I got up, got ready, said hi to my housemates and then headed to a lecture where I sat and was educated on the brain. While at points I was lost and at points I was falling asleep, I know, that with a lot of work, I'm just as deserving being here as the other  250 people in my lecture and they're probably facing the same problems I am right now. 


I don't think I'm ever going to get the sleep back I've lost over the past couple of weeks from Freshers and the time sat up late talking to housemates and watching Chicken run among other films instead sticking my head in the crap ton of books I have to get through. The lectures are getting better and even found two today interesting. It's just now focusing on getting everything organised and being able to tackle a social life and making sure I get all the work and more done. 

I'm sorry I've been absent over the past two weeks but I will slowly get into a routine where, hopefully, blogging will return to a more regular thing again because I do miss it; I've just had my mind in other places and on other things. This is a new stage of my life that I'm excited to experience and share with you.

Hope you're doing great,

Sarah x

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