12 Oct 2016

Dear Jacob,

Thank you for being there- your constant comic relief was always needed even when I said it wasn't. 

In primary school, you were always the one I wanted to be the best friends with and while we were friends, it wasn't until leaving high school that our friendship really started. Both you and Jade have been the best friends I could ask for. You were there to get me out of my comfort zone after shying away from life for far too long. I finally understand why having friends is so great, so amazing. Even the small arguments and disagreements end in fun and laughter. 

With previous friendships, at any point of disagreement, I'd give up and label that friendship void. But, when it comes to our friendship, it's always worth the energy to make things right because I honestly don't know how I'd cope without you and the dramatic, funny tales and times you bring with you. 

You were always a kid with big dreams in mind, especially when it came to acting, and seeing you continue to be your own drama queen, while sometimes over the top, is one of the reasons I love you. 

You don't need you head to grow any larger but I honestly do admire you. The shit you dealt with from people in high school... and to see you now- being who you truly are, embracing who you are and not being too shy to put yourself out there. That makes me proud to call you a friend. 

When you text me saying you were gay, I didn't believe you. I thought you were joking as you had before. I told you to ring me if you were telling the truth. And you did. And I cried; cried for being proud and happy and relieved that you finally felt like you could openly be you.

I have had some of the best times with you and it's the little moments I appreciate- the puns, the jokes, even the bitching is what tells and shows me how much of an amazing friend you are. 

This is a friendship I don't want to end. I want you to feel you can still come to me when you're in a sticky situation, I want to come home and still have the amazing times we had before we left for uni. While we might go our separate ways, our friendship stays. 

Jade, you and I; the three amigos/bitchachoes. We are a like a pack of KitKat- come together and can't be sold separately!

Thank you so much for everything and anything you've done for me- you've done more than you can imagine.

Love you,

Sarah x

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