7 Sept 2016

Being just a 2-hour train ride away, while on the other side of the country, it's always worth taking a trip to London and now that my sister and aunt live there, it's even more worth it. Friday night, I hopped on a train to London Euston where my sister met me before heading back to her apartment just a tube and bus ride away. We spent the night catching up as she showed my her local bar which she loved to go and I did too.
No matter how many times you've been to London, there's always something more you can do and even living in London my sister had a list of things she'd like to see and do so we planned out the next two and a bit days so we could get as much done as possible.


One thing I wanted to do was head to the Tate Britain to see their conceptual art exhibit. We spent over an hour looking around that exhibition with some bits being utterly bizarre as art can be. Some pieces really made me laugh such as a set of pictures of a man eating a piece of paper called "Eating my words". There was also a piece by Michael Craig-Martin- an artist whose work I looked at in GCSE- it was a glass of water sat on a shelf; it was called the oak tree. My sister didn't seem to get it but I did and I guess that piece summed up why I like art. 

We then decided to walk along the Thames towards the Tate Modern where I picked up manya Magikarps on PokemonGo. Georgia O'Keefe was an artist I adored in art GCSE and so we had to head there and look at the exhibition. After we walked around the rest of the gallery seeing some obscure pieces; one was a village made out of couscous. 

We then walked along the Southbank; when not riddled with tourists getting under your feet, this is one of my favourite parts of London to just sit and watch. You get such a good view of so many parts of main London. At this point, we'd grown tired and so headed back home.


It was going to be another busy day starting with the Natural History Museum which I hadn't been to since I was around 12. We spent an hour or two seeing the main exhibitions before heading to Covent garden which, again, I hadn't visited since I was 12. Here, we grabbed some lunch before heading towards a pop-up museum; The MinaLima. It was centred around two designers who made many of the harry potter props including the newspapers, Hogwarts letters, marauders map, textbooks and so much more. Sadly the gorgeous prints were too expensive to buy but it was one of my favourite parts of the trip to see. We then headed to Oxford street . It is just high street stores you can get anywhere in the UK but, with the biggest Lush store being there, we had to go. There's a shampoo bar that I love that they seem to only sell there so I had to pick that up along with a few other treats. I'm going to post a London haul soon so keep a look out for that. I realised how close the Crumbs and Doilies cake shop was to where we were and eager to try them out we headed there to pick up some cakes before heading home. Once home, we dropped our stuff and went out to the local bar again where every Sunday this DJ comes in. He's basically an old man but he plays some right crackers. He brings along his record collection of 45s and plays them. 


By this time both my sister and I were knackered and with my train that afternoon we decided to keep things simple. So we headed to Alexandra Palace armed with a picnic where we spent a couple of hours sat in the sun eating the cakes we got yesterday among other foods including Candy Floss grapes (who knew?). We then took a walk around and then went back to the apartment to grab my stuff. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the station to get my train home. 

I had such a great few days in London and got so many great things done. However, there's still so much I want to do and see so I will definitely be heading back there in the Autumn. 

Have you been anywhere nice recently?
Hope you're doing great,

Sarah x

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