10 Sep 2016

If you read my 72 hours in London you will have known (surprise surprise) that I recently went to visit my sister in London and did a tad bit of shopping. I always have to venture into the Lush on Oxford Street and I can't not go to the other shops right? So here's what I bought.


One of the first things my sister and I did was go to the Tate Britain and something I like to do at any gallery that I like is pick up some postcards of the pieces I loved as well as some from the exhibit I saw. We went to the Conceptual art exhibit so I pick up one of the pieces I enjoyed. I also picked up one my an artist named Bridget Riley who does a lot of optical illusions. When I saw that it still made my eyes go a bit funky on a postcard, I thought it'd be a fun one to pick up. Lastly, I bought one that says "Make Love Not War". I think these postcards are a great souvenir and are great little bits to stick on your wall. 
I've hauled previously two of the Introducing Graphic guides that my sister picked up for me and I love them; they're such a great, easy way to learn about a new topic and so I decided to pick up two more. One was the Freud Graphic Guide. You might know that I'll be starting uni in a few weeks starting Psychology so this definitely up my street. I also studied sociology at A level so this Critical Theory Graphic Guide was another I know I'll find interesting and enjoy. 


If you haven't read my previous London post,  this pop-up museum showcased the work of two artists behind a lot of the prop design of Harry Potter. While the gift shop was hella expensive even for my usual postcards, I still wanted something to take away and so I picked up this replica Harry Potter notebook which I thought would be something a bit different to use at uni. I then saw the pin badges for just a pound and so, on a whim, picked one up to add to my bag. 


The main reason we went to Oxford Street. I don't know whether it's an oxford street exclusive, but the shampoo bar I picked up last year when I was there that I love wasn't available in my local store so I grabbed another Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar which I included in my hair care favourites a little while ago. I also picked up one of the Shampoo Bar Tins as I kept meaning to pick one up. Next, I saw these Tea Tree Toner Tabs at just a pound each and the idea seemed really nice and relaxing so I picked two up. I've already used one and for a pound they're definitely worth it. 


Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children was a book I wanted to read this summer and always put off by the price being a little more but with a slight nudge towards buying them by my sister I picked up both the first and second in the series. I've started on the first one and will report back to you soon. 

And it was then. That I realised...

I spent way too much money over the three days and I had to stop.

Have you used/read any of the bits I've mentioned? I'd love to know your thoughts!

Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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