20 BEFORE 20

7 Aug 2016

When it comes to Bucket lists I don't really stick to them; goals just never seem to work out for me but for a while I've been thinking of all those little things I want to do before I am no longer a teenager so I started this list/ Some of them I've already done and some are yet to be completed. They're realistic- they are not things I know I'll write down and never get done.

1. Re-read Catcher In The Rye. I've explained many times why I wanted to reread this after my English teacher told me how your opinions change as you get older and I wanted to try and savor and remember this book at a time when I loved Holden Caulfield and related to him before I grow up and realise he's a massive pain in the arse.

2. Read all the Harry Potters. I'm getting there. I'm on The Goblet Of Fire now so I definitely think I'll be able to get them all done and will be allowed to call myself a true Harry Potter fan.

3. Watch all the Bond films. I love Daniel Craig as bond and I've seen a few of the others but have never had the time to sit down and watch them all. I don't have an excuse because I've got the box set so it's time I watch them all and that includes getting over my fear of Spectre being appointment's and watching it.

4. Write something I'm proud of. This might be an essay, short story, novel even a really good blog post I don't know. I like to write and I want to write something that I want to share and show off and be proud to say "I wrote that".

5. Holiday without the parents. Tick! Experiencing that freedom and responsibility was definitely something I wanted to while still a teen.

6. Keep travelling. I've had so many great opportunities to travel and I love it so why should I stop? I'd love to be able to just spend weekends abroad in a different country or even taking time to visit parts of the UK I've yet to go.

7. Overcome a fear. I'm a fearful person and always have been and over the years I've managed to tackle some of those fears such as fireworks but I still have other fears. I'm still a little scared of dogs and, the obvious one, spiders. It would be nice to finally overcome on of these before I'm 20.

8. Take a road trip. I hope I've passed my driving text at least before 20 and so with that I want to go somewhere new with friends and just have a great time travelling around in the car.

9. Learn something new. This is a bit vague but learning a new skill is always handy. I'm slowly trying to learn french but it's sadly not working out. I think I'm going to keep pushing forward with it but I also wouldn't mind finally finishing off learning to play the piano or something else.

10. Get a job. While only for two months, this one is done but I'd hope that I could get another job before 20 even if it's not what I want but something small just to tied me over until after university.

11. Dye my hair. This one's been playing on the back of my mind for years. I have quite a strange hair colour and it will be a hard colour to get back once I dye it. While I love the colour that it is I want a change and so hopefully I'll pluck up the courage and get it done soon.

12. Try to be vegan for a week. I  say "try" because I would love to eventually make the transition however, as a picky eater, I'm finding it hard to find replacements that I enjoy and so I think it will be a long process for me but a process I'm willing to try at least.

13. Vote. Done! My first vote was for Brexit and while it wasn't the most positive first experience with the overall result, it's still something I wanted to and will carrying on doing past 20.

14. Have a legit, epic all-nighter. This means no napping later in the day; it means awake for 48 hours that will be filled with fun with friends and making the most of every hour.

15. Feel confident alone. By this I mean feeling confident enough to go into the city alone, travel alone and not feeling scared but something I enjoy. This might be the biggest one on here for me but I think I'll manage it.

So I have 5 more items I need to add to the list but, for now, I'm stumped as to what to add. Let me know some suggestions! What would you add to your 20 Before 20 Bucket list?
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

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