8 Aug 2016

It's 3 AM.
If I could sleep right now do you not think I would?
You see, sleep and I aren't, right now, getting on so good.
I mean I've tried but it's not working
because my thoughts, they are lurking
In the back of my mind
where there's no place to hide.

Oh, how I cry! Shut the F*ck up Brain, I'm trying to sleep!
But thoughts of the past, present and future don't seem to want to leave me.
Thoughts of where I was, where I am and where I'm going to be.
They take over my mind and seem to consume me.

Why won't my brain just give it a rest?
That's all I want, a few hours sleep at best.
Questions throughout my head
that I just can't answer. I don't know just let me go to bed!

Little questions like did I lock the door? Did I turn off the light?
to will I ever find love? Is my future even bright?
Can these questions not wait until the morning
where I'll be well rested and then I'll carry on talking.

Please, brain, I beg just let me sleep.
If not, I'll spend the day going weep, weep, weep.
Why not count sheep? Don't you think I've tried!
One sheep, two sheep... BOO bad thought here you can't hide!

For now, I'll turn over and just keep my eyes closed.
Just hope the morning will come soon because I will finally have dosed
off into sleep where I can finally be free
of my thoughts and, instead, enter my dreams.

Sarah x

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