17 Jul 2016

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It feels ages ago since I read this now and since I posted a full review which you can read here. I can't recommend this enough- a great one for this summer. But is this my favourite Corey Whaley book? The jury's still out on that one!


The last book of hers I read was Fangirl over a year ago. I tried to read landline but could never get into it. When I saw this short story released for World Book day I picked it up and finally got around to reading it recently. It follows a young girl as she waits in line for the new Star Wars film. It really wasn't anything life changing and, not being a big Star Wars fan myself, the references weren't something I always understood. Things did start to pick up nearer the end and it left the story in such a place that could warrant a follow-up. For only £1 on Amazon, it's a good read for any fans of Eleanor and Park. 


This was not a book I planned on reading right now but one I did want to get round to. It was on offer on the Kindle Store so decided I should pick it up and I wasn't disappointed. It was a great YA read which married the two poignant topics of feminism and mental illness. I was worried this book would offer a romanticised version of mental illness but it didn't. Instead, it described living with a certain type of OCD. OCD is not a mental illness I've read about in books before and so I loved reading something that was new. I was also worried the feminism would not be what I believe to be feminism but it was- it spoke about equality and how the patriarchal society affects both women and men. I loved the friendships explored as well as the love interest. The only reason I couldn't give it full marks was due to my feelings towards the love interest and how that was explored. Apart from that, however, I stormed through this book and really enjoyed getting to read another of Holly Bourne's great books and I definitely recommend this and I will definitely be carrying on with this series. 


This is probably not the most summery book I've read and so it felt a little weird reading one that centred around winter and a more dark story line that I tend to steer away from more so in summer. However, my aim this year is still to read all the Harry Potters and I'd already started this before my exams so I wanted to finish it. It did take me a few chapters to remember what had previously happened before I put it down but I soon got straight back into it and finished it within a few days. I much preferred this to the film. I find the end of the film slightly annoying but the book didn't drag anything out really and that's what I liked. Straight to the point and straight to the action. That's what I quite like about these books so far- they don't spend ages umming and ahhhing about their next move they do it and it keeps the book going. I feel I might be being a little generous with my rating for this one but there was nothing I didn't really dislike but it wasn't my favourite. Plus, Neville was great in this one. I was going to leave Harry Potter for the summer now but I've already started reading the Goblet of Fire. 

So that's what I've read recently. What have you been reading? Any recommendations?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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