16 Jul 2016

I've always tried to keep my blog as transparent as possible sharing all the trials and tribulations that I face. I've not been sure to this with you but if you follow me on twitter you may have seen that over the past couple of weeks my local community including my family struggled to come to the terms of the loss of one of our closest friends after a tragic event.

That's all the detail I'm going to go into on to the events here but if you want to read more follow the links below where you can read more. 

This is not in anyway shape or form to drive sympathy but, instead, try and raise money for a cause to bring something positive out of something so sad and negative. 

Sam had a great love of dogs and aim was to join the police specials which she had already been accepted into. It seemed only right that close friends and family raise money for the Police Dogs and I feel as a blogging community we could help raise the money to hit the £10,000 goal. 

Just a pound would make a world of difference. 


Sarah x

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