29 Jun 2016

It's time for my seasonal picks which seems to have quickly become a feature here that I love compiling so hopefully you love them just the same. For summer, while there's a big change in the weather I find, there are very little changes I make myself so this is just a small one this time. 


This is the one I probably least change apart from opting for a BB Cream a lot more. My nails, as always, change as I go for more pastels. I like Barry M Gelly Shine Nail varnishes in Papaya and Acai Smoothie. I always say when my friend never believe me that I can tan and, while they think I'm lying I can I just never go into the sun so I get one so from a bottle will do. For every day I reach for the Garnier Summer Body Lotion which gives my body that sunkissed look. If I'm going out or if you prefer an even more tanned look the St Moriz Tanning Foam has been a favourite of mine for years since the days I adopted the orange legs look in high school. Now, I think I've got how to use this and it works perfectly and, I feel, looks natural. One of the more basic beauty items is deodorant and when it gets warmer I don't want to be worrying about sweating and having to re-apply deodorant throughout the day so I reach for either my Perspirex Original or Comfort* Roll-on deodorants that last all day. You apply it before you go to bed the night before and there's no need to apply again in the morning to have it last the whole day. It's a life saver in the summer!


I'm a YA lover all year round but I know it's what more people chose to read preferably in summer so as always I would suggest Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley- the book I reread every summer. One that I read earlier this year at the wrong time really that I would recommend you read this summer is Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of the Universe. It's set over summer and so is the perfect setting, obviously, to read while it's sunny outside. 


I have been hunting for the perfect pair of sunglasses this summer and I found these ones of ASOS that I absolutely love and can't wait to wear. A big trend this summer that I'm on board with is Bardot tops I bought this one of from Dorothy Perkins and I know that New Look has an extensive array of different colours and patterns at great prices. Cami tops are a fail safe for me for summer when it's super warm that one day of the year which, again New Look are great for and also Primark on a good day!

So there are some of my summer picks and there'll be a lot more summer related posts to come soon!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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