11 Jan 2016

I feel slightly ridiculous having to write this but for someone who always fears the worst and for the sake of people not understanding what I really mean, I think it's best to start by explaining a feature(i guess you could call it) that I want to add to my blog over the next year. 

As I constantly say, I'm now in my last year of college and something I also repeat is how I don't deal with change well and I'm trying not to live in the past(seriously you could make a drinking game out of my posts) After college, I'll hopefully be heading to university and, failing that, I don't plan on staying around for long in the same town I've been in for my 17 years. Either way, I'll be moving and because of this, this year will be filled with goodbyes that will be uttered to close friends and family that hopefully will be just temporary goodbyes. But also, I want to say goodbye to people from my past in a more permanent way because I think it's time to grasp some kind of closure and the way I've decided to do this is through one of the only ways I know how and that is letters and I want to share them here, on my blog because why not? 

Because of this, I feel I'm best, before publishing any of the letters I've written, to start this off with a disclaimer.
The people I write the letters to and people I may include in this 'series' will all be real people who have impacted my life and I want and feel I should say good bye to. However, I may alter situations or even exaggerate certain scenarios for entertainment purposes as while I want to do this for me, I want it to be something you can enjoy. If at any points you may want clarification as to what bits have been altered, I will happily share it with you and I don't want you to think, because of this, nothing I write is truthful because a lot of it will be raw and real.
Also, my meanings for this series is pure and I intend to make sure that I don't publicly embarrass/shame/out anyone's personal life through these letters. This includes not using people's real names; as it stands now I'm not sure how I'll do this-maybe use different names- but I'll think of something (suggestions would be helpful!).

So there's the stupid TOWIE style disclaimer out of the way. I now want to direct this to people who I personally know. If you know me and read my blog (I know some do just not exactly sure who) and you think a letter published is about you and want it removed or altered due to certain reasons please feel free to mention it. Also don't hesitate to just message me to question anything if you don't understand where something has come from. 
Also, if you 'fear' I may write a letter about yourself and you don't want that happening, know that, like I've said, I don't mean to out anyone and I will go out my way to hide identities(wow this has got serious?) but if you still don't want to run any risk please just get in contact to me and I will make sure I don't include you in posts.

Like I said, I am in no means trying to hate on anyone, cause arguments, confrontation or hurt anyone's feelings. I'm doing this for me. It's a way of me giving myself one last push to moving on from the past.

This seriously is for mainly selfish purposes but something I want to make to share with you in attempts that you may have similar stories that I encourage you to share.

I really want to get things started with the letters as soon as possible and I hope this is something you'll enjoy reading and being a part of. 

If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to message me (twitter is probably the best way)
What do you think about this added feature?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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