DEAR 2015

28 Dec 2015

Dear 2015, 

Oh how I've loved you! You've treated me so well so thank you! You've brought me so many amazing surprises and life long memories. The first month of the year seems to long ago to remember but I remember my birthday. I'm not big into birthdays but this was a good one. Just a simple shopping trip with friends to come home to mounds of presents I was just not expecting. That day something changed. I think I actually enjoyed my birthday!

Saint Raymond came around in February; the best live gig I've been to. That night really sticks out to me. School work carried on with mocks coming and going and quickly the real exams were in sight before I'd even had time to process that it had been a year since I started college and oh how it flew by. Exams were sat and nerves were high but it was soon over which was when things got interesting and I grew extremely happy. It was then that I finally accepted things had changed. 

Being offered the opportunity to go to China is not something that comes around very often and wasn't an opportunity I was going to miss. Travelling the furthest from home I ever had to experience a culture like nothing I'd seen before and to create everlasting memories was something I'm so grateful to have experienced. While enjoyable, it was a draining time and I needed quite a lot of recovery time time but nothing could have beaten my time there. 

It was only a week or two before it was back to college to pick the dreaded AS results of, after a remark 3As and a B, I was so proud of myself. It felt like all my hard work had paid off and I couldn't of asked for anything more. Results were followed by celebrations followed by big decisions of deciding what to carry on next year and to start applying to universities for the course I finally decided on-Psychology. It was always an idea to go into Psychology that stayed at the back of my head and when it came to deciding what to do, it jumped forward, pushing me to my decision. I went to a few university open days and after hours of driving around the country, I finally decided which ones I loved even though they are so far away from home. I've already received 3 offers so fingers crossed for the last one! 

The rest of summer was filled with times with friends before heading to college again to start my final year. It started off a struggle (no one warns you of the change from AS to A level!) but I think I'm finding my footing again as we go into another round of mocks. Another Saint Raymond concert and more time with friends was followed as we came come to the end of a good year. 

2015, you have been a year of discovery and realisations as I've come to appreciate many aspects of my life. I appreciate all the amazing opportunities that come my way. I'm grateful for the close knit group of friends I have that can turn anything into a good time. I've realised there's no longer any point tying to keep things the same as they were in high school and that being stuck to years ago is stupid. I think, by looking to the future, I've managed to enjoy the present ad had an amazing year.

There has been some downs as there always is every year but I feel I've grown a  lot stronger and am able to deal with them a lot more. I appreciate more than ever my family and how much they have given me and I wouldn't of had a good year without them.

Thank you so much for an amazing year 2015 and here's to the next one!

I'd love to here some of your highlights of this past year in the comments! Any big achievements? fun times with friends? I'd love to know!
Hope you're doing great and has a great Christmas, 
Sarah x

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