23 Dec 2015

I finally managed to get through 3 books. It may have taken months but I've finally done it after being stuck in a reading slump for months on end. Next year, I hope will be better so I wanted to get these 3 book reviews up for you so I would start a fresh next year!

Trouble is a Friend of Mine // Stephanie Tromly 

Hot Key books kindly sent me this and is one of my favourite books I've been sent to read. It was laced with humour while full of mystery. When Zoe opens the door to find Digby from school there she didn't think that she'd spending her time from them trying to solve a mystery with him. Digby is a young Sherlock Holmes with the same slightly rude traits that Sherlock carries. This book was a great teen twist on a mystery novel and I wish there was more of them. I loved how the incorporated teen problems such a divorced parents and crushes into the book. I loved the dynamic between both Digby and Zoe as well as Digby's best friend. It was the fist time I'd properly laughed at a book in a while and the mystery that came with this book really had me hooked. Such a fast paced book. For me, though the twist to the mystery wasn't enough and I don't think the ending was the strongest but the ending did leave room for a sequel and if this would to be turned into a series I would happily read more about Digby and Zoe's mysteries.

Extraordinary Means // Robyn Schneider 

This was a book I'd been meaning to give a read for a while and I really did enjoy it. The storyline about a a boy finding himself in Latham House; a house dedicated to teens with tuberculosis. When he's there he sees a girl he once knew, Sadie;the shy loner turned popular, trouble maker. It was a well paced story and so enjoyable following the group of friends and the mischief they got up to while at Latham House. The only criticism is that, again, the ending felt rushed and very sudden and, well, slightly predictable as to what would happen. A story of friendship and loss; a book that was sad yet really enjoyable.

The Martian // Andy Weir 

I think this book will be the last book I read if not the last book I review this year and am I glad I read this book now! IT was such a funny read and was different to what I would usually pick up; I feel it's really set me up for a good reading year next year. This book is about a man named Mark Watney who finds himself alone on Mars after his mission was aborted and his team thought he was dead. The story follows him trying to survive and try and contact Earth. This book contained quite a bit of science but it wasn't too hard to follow along. We have different points of view in a way with log entries from Mark on Mars and parts where we see what's going on on Earth. I loved the differing points of view and ways the story was told; I think it really intrigued me to carry on reading just that little bit more. Now, if I was stranded on Mars I think I'd just panic but the way Weir has created the character I loved as Mark briefly panicked before trying to come with a solution. The humour throughout, I feel, is the reason I kept reading. I've tried similar books before and just haven't bee interested but this has really changed my perception of scince-fiction and I'm very happy about that! If you haven't pick this book up yet, be sure to in 2016! What would you do if you were stranded n Mars?

I haven't red much recently but those I've read I've loved! Now the slate is clean as I head into the new year and hopefully I won't hit a slump like this again!
Do you have any book recommendations?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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