23 Nov 2015

It was on Saturday, after only two and half months having my first job I decided to quit. Because in those two and half months I lost touch with a lot of things I love and instead of putting money first, I've decided to put myself in first place. 

The stress started.

After a few weeks of working there, I knew I was going to struggle managing a crucial year at college with a weekend job. The weekends are there to de stress and prepare for the next week and my job stopped that. I would be spending the whole of my Saturday at work with no time before or after to really take a minute to do anything other than sleep and eat and so in that time there was no time to relax.

What hobbies?

Little things that the weekends were made for such as reading became no existent. The part of my blog I love which is my book reviews have been no where to be seen because I haven't had chance to pick up a book and read enough to put together a post of reviews, Other things as well, I'm missing time with friends and doing things I love like shopping and DIYs. I want this time back before things start to get busy again around exams.

Let the blogging (re) begin!

This actually played a big role in my decision to leave my job because blogging is my passion and a place I like to focus a lot of my time and energy towards. Not even a handful of posts have made it onto my blog while I've been juggling work and college and, now, I want to focus on getting things back up and running. My last shift was on Saturday and by Sunday my mind was filled with new ideas which hasn't happened in ages. It's nearing Christmas now and this is the time of year that I love blogging and reading blogs and so is the perfect time for me to get back into the swing of things and get things rolling again and, I have to say, I can't wait to get started!

There are other reasons that I decided to leave the job to do with my role at work etc. but these are probably the most key reasons I decided to quit. I'm so excited to focus more on what I love!
How do you juggle your blog and work or blog and college?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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