9 Nov 2015

It's been eight weeks and my Proactiv+ trial is up. I discuss the products in depth in an earlier post and now I'm here to report back on how I found the four blemish busting products. 

The products arrived just in time as I was starting to have a big breakout and so I couldn't wait to get cracking on using the products. The first week I spent getting use to the products and adjusting to being in a routine of, what I thought were, harsh products on my skin; I wasn't used to using a exfoliating cleanser two times a week and I was worried the moisturiser wasn't hydrating enough for my dry areas.

Picking up in week 3, this was when I started to notice small differences. My "monthly" breakout was less drastic and were more minimal than usual and I was fine with that! Those spots that did surface didn't stick around for long and weren't painful blighters either. 

Now, at the end of the 8 weeks, there hasn't been any miraculous change but it has calmed my blemishes down a lot and so I think I will continue using these products passed the eight weeks. My spots are still there but keeping a routine has shown me that's the best way to fight spots and that this product routine has really helped that. As well as the properties such as salicylic acid in all of the products, along with anti bacterial qualities, I know it will be good for those acne prone people. It has really helped me with redness and fight breakouts. It also didn't dry my skin out surprisingly and only once or twice did I break routine and switch to my usual moisturiser when I was having a dry period.

Out of the products, I really enjoyed using the facial cream. I found this to be a great little extra step and reminded me of the Effaclur Duo cream just a little runnier. The exfoliating cleanser did it's job well and exfoliated my skin perfectly. I didn't use the face mask as much as recommended but it was still a great little addition that continued to help my skin. I think I will be carrying on using these three products just not the moisturiser as, while it didn't cling to dry areas, I still prefer a little more hydration.

I will mention, that for sensitive skin this isn't the product for you and the same could be said for those who suffer from dehydrated skin. I do have dehydrated skin but it's manageable. If your's is fairly bad I'd steer clear but if you're looking for a blemish fix, this set is great and is, inexpensive for four full sized products that I still have lots left after the 8 weeks and know I will carry on using when my spots resume to an out of control state. 

If you're interested, you can read more and purchase the kit on the website here.

If you struggle with spots, I'd love to know what products you've found work great for you.
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah  x

*Products mentioned in this post were kindly sent to me but all opinions remain and always will be my own.*

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