2 Nov 2015

Everyone has a favourite place. I usually say mine's my bed, my bedroom. It's where I feel the most at peace and calm but outside of the confines of the four walls surrounding me, there is some beautiful places that I love to go to and so I thought I would share with you some of them today. 


The cobbled roads accompanied from memories from my childhood makes this place an easy favourite. It's a place a visit almost annually and even though it never changes and I think that's why I like it; it's the same now as it was when I was seven. It's always the same but still always brings something different. It has this tourist buzz in the summer months and then a relaxing calmness in autumn. This is the sort of place I would love to live. 


I remember the first time I came here and I loved it. My mum and dad went to university hear and seeing where they made memories has made me want to do the same. Strolling along the river and going to the second hand book shops is a routine I wouldn't grow tired of. It's similar to Whitby in the sense it has a friendly atmosphere as you walk along the cobbled streets or walk round the abbey. The Architecture. The colours. I love it hear. 

 Formby Beach

Here in autumn is a beautiful as if you came in summer. The sand dunes and the swaying grass as the sun sets along the sea line is a sight I'd see any day. The calm atmosphere really makes you think and having a walk along the beach is so calm and a great place to be in the company of friends as you climb the dunes and go through the forests. 

These are just three of my favourite places and are more local to me that I love and wanted to share with you. What are some of your favourite places?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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