29 Oct 2015

As mentioned on numerous occasion, I am now into my second year at college and getting stuck into another year of hard work and lack of sleep but I think this year may be a little better than the last because I learnt a lot from my first year that will think will help me out this year as well as if you have just started college or are going to next year.

Organisation is key

Planning out times to get your work done and to revise will make your life a hell of a lot easier because you'll get into the habit of doing work at such and such a time instead of sitting there procrastinating. I'm not sure about all colleges, but we have free periods at ours and they are a blessing! Getting work done then is the best way to get everything out of the way and to keep your weekends free. Diary's and To-Do lists are the est way to keep track of work needed to be done and what you've done so your not wasting any time finding out what your homework was or if you actually had any because it's there written down. 

Get revision in early

Most schools and subjects give tests throughout the year and, unlike high school, I no longer walk in after just revising for five minutes before and revise properly before hand because it will help me in the long run. I also make myself textbooks where I write out the key notes from subjects so that when it comes to the end of year exam I just read through that maybe make a few posters and cue cards and I feel like I've remembered as much as I can. Revising throughout the year saves time when it comes to the last exam as you're not trying to cram 12 modules into a few weeks. If you want some revision tips, I've done some posts in the past and if you want more I'll be happy to write some more for you!

Plan & Prioritise

It links to the first point really but planning really will make the year go by a little quicker and a little easier. Do what needs to be done first before you do something that maybe a bit more fun but isn't due in till two weeks later. If you need to stay in an extra hour to get your chemistry done do it now instead of having to squeeze it in later just so you can see friends an hour early. Having said that...

Make the most of the year

A lot can happen in college years so don't miss out on spending time with friends. I regretted missing out on day trips and parties to stay at home doing work or sometimes nothing. Make the most of your free time and make your weekends packed full of fun because soon you'll probably be heading off in your separate ways and you don't want to be left wishing you'd done more with them.

This is just a few bits of advice I'd give myself and anyone starting their first year at college and so I hope they help.
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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