4 Sept 2015

The lazy days summer consisted of and after only being back in college, two days, I'm fully submerged it homework and reading already. I don't know whether I'm glad to be back but I'm definitely not angry. I mean, the quicker this year is over and done with the better but I doubt it will be easy with the amount of work needed to be done this year. 

I don't think I ever told you what I got in my AS results; 3 As and a C. I was over the moon with the As obviously but disappointment did come slightly with the C especially with it being in English- the subject that I needed for the course I want to pursue at University. I made the decision to carry on what I wanted and decided to drop photography and carry on English, Psychology and Sociology into A levels. 
I'm going to resit my English at the end of the year hoping that I can pull it out of the bag and get into the uni and course that I want to. 

I've realised that college won't last forever and the endless amount of hours spent with the friends around me won't last forever with us all having separate and very different plans for what we want to do after college that aren't just over the country but the world. This year, I want to make sure I make time for my friends and do what I can to plan everything well so I can fit in revision as well as a social life. 

I've still not got a job, Most of my friends now do and it's pushing me to get one even though this year is going to be a busy one. My sister think it might help me; having more structure and having to plan exactly when I need to revise around work and it can be a place to take a breather form the college stress and I agree. I think it'll be nice to get out in to a new environment and make a bit of money while I'm there.

It's another college year and I feel ready for the pressure and the stress of college this time around- I feel like I've had enough practice. Among uni open days, revision, writing personal statements and making decisions for my future,  I want to make the most of this year and come out of it happy and feeling like I had another great year at college.

Have you gone back to school or college yet?
Sarah x

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