21 May 2015

I'm back and hopefully will quickly adapt back to being in the whole blogging swing of things. My exams are now all done and I now have two weeks off before I have to enter the doors of college again for a few weeks before some can start but at least now I can breath a little easier and have my shoulders feel weightless with the exam pressure now being lifted. 

I do feel quite bad that I've missed so many posts over the past month due to exams and so I'm hoping to write more in the next coming weeks with ideas brewing inside my head already. I might (still undecided) do a week of blog posts to update my blog and as well as you lovely people with happenings of my life as well as some bits you might enjoy reading. I was thinking of doing a post a day for a month but if you know me, I can't stick to anything and, also, while I want to post more, I still want it to have some meaning behind it and not just "I ate 3 slices of toast today" but in between the exam stress, feelings on certain topics have built up and I want to share that with you all.

With exams over I can also now focus a little more on myself and what I want to do during summer and the next few months which include writing, writing and more writing as well as attempting to reorganize my jumble sale of a life. 

This post is obviously just a quick one to say that by Monday things will be back to normal with the schedule as my exams are now over!

Have you been having any exams? How they going?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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