5 Feb 2015

After finishing my amazing holiday in summer last year that I don't seem to ever shut up about, I've been planning future plans- not just in the travel department but I have been compiling a list of places I am wanting to go and even trying to work out costs even though they will be happening way in the future because you can never be to prepared right? So in this post I thought I'd share with you just for of the places that I'm wanting to explore in the future.

I blame Ben Brown and Steve Booker mainly for this one. The amazing pictures that they've posted on instagram and other social media platforms have made me want to go out there and travel from the city scapes of Toronto to the mountainous area and national parks in Alberta and places similar. It may be a bold statement to make being just 17 and never being there before but I'm in love before I'm even there and I could seriously see myself living there. As soon as I can financially and mentally, I will be heading straight for Canada. 

This is a place a few years ago I'd probably be too scared to go to with the stories I here about Amsterdam but then following travel blogs, I've changed my mind and the scenery is beautiful; the gorgeous old houses running down the river make the place feel so homely and friendly. As an autumn lover, I think that would be the perfect time to experience Amsterdam in its glory and I think this would be a trip that will include a few places not just Holland.

Australia & New Zealand
While these are two separate countries, I'd love to fly over to Austria and then onto New Zealand because if I've flown all that way I might as well make the most of it. I'd love to take a car across Australia experiences everything they have to offer. This isn't one I've thought a lot about but it's on my wanderlust list to travel to sometime in my life. 

This was a country that was supposed to be on the travel criteria last year but we came to the realisation that it was a bit impractical as it was out of the way from the other places we were visiting as well as become overall too expensive. I would love to travel all across Italy and see all the Italian gems; I could spend two weeks just travelling around Italy on its own. I'm not sure when the best tie would be to go but just no summer. Heat and I don't really go together so the scorching Italian summer heats would be way too much for me so any other time I think would be better. 

Yes, I've already been here and enjoyed every minute but it was only a day and I wish I'd stayed longer to really explore Zurich's old towns and revisit the beautiful lake and river running through. This is one of the most beautiful places and I think summer will probably be the best time to revisit. I need to go back.

Obviously there are more places I would love to visit; I'd go just about everywhere but here are five that are probably the five I'm most excited to visit. Where do you want travel to? 
Hope you're doing great,
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