A Game Changing Moisturiser For Dehydrated Skin.

2 Feb 2015

Finally I think I've done. I've found the moisturiser that solves all(well most of)my dry/dehydrated skin problems. I might as well just tell you now it's the Olay moisturiser for normal/dry skin. I can't take credit for this find and I have to thank my sister for pointing me in the direction of the Olay creams as it wouldn't have been a brand that I would admittedly look to in the drugstore as I'd never heard anything about them but when I was struggling to find something that will help my dry skin as well as improve the look of my make up, my sister told me to try this and I'm so glad I did!
For something that is for dry skin, it isn't too thick and so it's a perfect day cream. I can apply this and only this to my face in the morning and not have to worry that it will cling to any dehydrated areas on my face. I will say there have been some days when it hasn't done the best job and a lot of the time as the day goes on and my make up starts to fade and my face becomes greasy, it does start to cling to these patches but it does seem to depend on what products I use on my face for that particular day. 
The only real downfall I feel this product has is that it's highly perfumed so wouldn't be great for those with sensitive skin and while I do have sensitive skin days, it does slightly irritate but as the cream works into my skin, it just leaves a nice smooth base ready to apply primer, foundation etc. I would also like to mention that the reason I added "For Dehydrated Skin" in the title of this post is that Dehydrated skin, as I've explained before is most common in those with combination and acne prone skin due to the drying products used among other reasons so I thought it may be useful to know that this has not once broke me out like other highly hydrating products have done in the past so it's perfect for all skin types that need some extra hydration in their skin.
The Cream is £9.99- a lot more than the old favourite Garnier Moisture Match but if I'm comparing it that, this moisturiser is a lot more suitable for the day time. Before discovering this product I was nearly ready to splash out on a more high end moisturiser such as the Hydra quench range fro Clarins so while £10 is more than I would usually spend on a day cream up until now, I now feel it's worth it and is something I can see myself continuing to use daily.
While for now I've found a great moisturiser, I don't think I'll stop trying others so what moisturiser do you use?
Hope you're doing great,
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