Saint Raymond 15/02/2015

19 Feb 2015

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There's something about concerts that I just love. Whether it's the base pumping music or just everyone in a room having a good time;for that hour long set you just seem to forget those little worries and let your ears enjoy the music. Sunday night I headed off to my first concert of the year and the first in a long time as, after the last concert I went to was awful, I was put off going to them for a while. Also, with leaving high school I'd left behind the people who would come with me to concerts and so I didn't have anyone to go with but but when Saint Raymond announced his UK tour I couldn't not go so I asked my sister if she'd come with me as we both love him  but if she hadn't of come I think I would have gone on my own still because another thing I love about concerts is that apart from the pushing in front of you to get closer, everyone's there for the same reason and that's to have a good time and enjoy the music. It's one of few places you don't look weird if you go on your own and I think concerts are a great place to make new friends. You're all there with the common interest of the band and so you must be similar! No one cares at concerts if you decide to speak to them and most often than not the atmosphere is a friendly one. 
As for the concert, Saint Raymond was amazing and is up there as one of my favourite concerts; His presence and the crowd participation was one of the best I've seen at a concert in a long time and the atmosphere was above all the concerts I've been to. Callum (Saint Raymond) had the crowd on his side with ease and, as he went off before the encore, people carried on singing the end lyrics to the previous song so he came back out quicker than I'd ever seen any other artist come back out for the encore.
I also want to mention the supports Wulf and Fickle Friends. WULF had the difficult job of going first and I really enjoyed their sound and are definitely a band I'm going to carry on listening to. Fickle Friends I'd heard of prior to the concert and so it was nice to see them play live for the first time and I really enjoyed the warm up before Saint Raymond came on and blew me away. I was slightly annoyed at myself that the pictures I managed to take were not the best at all but you know what? I don't care at all because for once I didn't feel I needed the memories of a good instagram picture and while, yes, I did post one it's far from the best quality but I don't care because I had a great time and I know I'll remember it all just the same with or without a good quality photo. 
  The concert left me wanting even more and the car ride home was spent singing his music over and over and now writing this post he's playing in the background. Saint Raymond is an artist I've spoke about constantly on my blog and now more than ever I urge you to please listen to his music. I owe Callum a massive thank you for restoring my faith in concerts and for making want to attend every single concert I can.
What was the last concert you went to? You planning on going to any this year?
Hope you're doing great,
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PS. sorry for not posting on Monday, I was actually going to have the week of but then decided to post this. I hope this is OK with you all and things should be back to normal next Monday. 

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