Creating A Productive Workspace.

12 Feb 2015

When it comes to getting things done I really do suck. But I've found, with the right atmosphere, I can really get my backside in gear and get all the little jobs done and that's a lot to do with my work space.  Today I thought I'd share with you my own work space as well as some little things to bear in mind when creating your own space!

Organised Mess.
For me, there's no way I can go for minimal. My rooms too small to have a clear desk so instead I organised everything so it's neat and I still have more than enough room to work on the next to get my work done. I keep my necessary equipment in tins, drawers, pots- whatever I can find and like. I then just find having my notebooks lined up a neat way of keeping them as well as being able to get them when I need them.

There's no point storing notebooks and stationary in any other place than a text because once I've sat down I don't want to want move for hours so little bits like pens, paperclips etc I all keep in my desk a so good storage is great; I use mugs and glasses as well as some acrylic drawers from Muji. It adds a personal touch as well as having everything you need to hand.

Personal Touches.
I don't want to work in a place that isn't for me so adding posters and little mementos to the wall space above makes it more personal and it's probably my favourite part of my room as it makes it unique because it's personal. I don't want to work in a space that's impersonal- I need it to reflect me and my ideas as well as acting as inspiration.

Little Details.
This goes hand in hand with adding personal touches. Little extras like a simple box of tissues, a coaster, a DIY weekly planner makes it a nice environment to spend time writing blog posts or essays. I've been obsessed with washi tape recently and taping the corners of my posters with it helps add a little more fun colour to the room.

Make it Comfortable.
A good chair makes a good work space; you have to be comfortable; I just have a standard dining room chair that was a spare one from my granddad's old house and it's not comfy-it's just wood- so I add a few random cushions to make myself more comfortable while I work away.

For me, everything is ore productive with the right music. When it came to my GCSES I found Saint Raymond the soundtrack to my production a long with endless 8tracks playlists. A lot of people are more productive with silence, but for me music helps a lot!

So there all my little work space tips and I hope they may come in handy at some point. 
Do you have any tips for creating a productive work space?
Hope you're doing great,
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