Dear 2015

12 Jan 2015

Dear 2015, 
Hi. You don't know me but I'm Sarah. It's nice to meet you; well. I think it is, I mean it's only been a few days so I don't really know you or if you're any nice. I hope you are as nice if not nicer than 2014. I felt I accomplish a lot last year and I hope it carries on into this year. I'm thinking this year be a continuation from the last.
I'm going to carry on pursuing the things I love such a reading. I try to read as much as I an because, well I enjoy it. During 2014, while I discovered some great books and authors, I didn't read as much as I would have hoped to so I've set my a target of 30; not too high just doable and a number that doesn't seem unrealistic and put me off.
Another challenging I'm setting myself to do is to write more. I have these ideas and I never stick at them because I never really feel they're going to end up the way i'd like them to or I spot what seems to be an unsolvable plot flaw. I feel I have so may ideas that I just want to spill on to the pages but I just need to write them down in a fathomable language that I can be proud of. I don't expect to have a finished, pristine novel done in a year because these thing take time and I'm slow but I do hope to have a found something to write about that I've managed to stick at.
One thing I felt 2014 was slightly lacking was live music and so I hope to find new music this year that comes with concerts to go to and enjoy myself. At this moment I only have one set of tickets for the year ahead but I'm just waiting for the right opportunities to arise to see artists that I love.
I started college back last September an that continues till June when I have my exams It's been going well so far and I hope it carries on that way. With mock exams n just a few weeks, I need to start knuckling down to make sure I stay on top of my revision and work.
One of the highlights of 2014 was the two week of travelling with my parents and, this June, I'm stepping it up a gear and heading to China for 10 days going from place to place. I don't really know what to expect but going with college (which includes a teacher who lived there for a few years) makes me feel a little at ease. I'm so excited to head out on my next adventure and to experience life in China.
I'm not sure what else to expect from you 2015 but I plan on making it a year of growing as a person and a year of making decisions for my future as well as some extreme money saving to fund my life in a few years as well as to help pay for my China trip.
While no year is ever perfect, I hope you will help me try and make it a close to perfect as I've ever been.
It's nice to meet you,

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